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In the last few years, Young Writers Project has devoted time and space to the discussion of books and has partnered with the Vermont librarians who select books for the annual Green Mountain Book Award.

In 2009/10, GMBA has created it's own blogs for this year's book finalists. For more, click here.

We have decided to keep the forums from previous years books active, because, of course, the books selected remain available and are terrific reads. Click here for previous year's Green Mountain Book Award forums. For more about the GMBA project and previous year's books, CLICK HERE.

The Green Mountain Book Award. Each year, a committee of Vermont librarians and educators select 15 excellent books suitable for students in grades 9-12 as finalists for the GMBA.

Working with the committee, we created an area on this site for the 2008/09GMBA books and discussion groups. Consider them online book clubs. We have book summaries, links to study guides and, of course, forums for each book. CLICK HERE to get to the GMBA area of this site. Read and join in!

Feel free to revive the forums. Here is what we have for you on this site for the 2008/09 books:

MASTERLIST & INFO. Click here to see the list of finalists for the 2009 award which includes descriptions of the books, links to profiles and interviews of the authors, study guides and the individual discussion groups.

FORUMS. Click on the Green Mountain Book Award Forums to post a review or join in the discussion on any of these books. You must log in as a registered user in order to post your thoughts. To Register, click here or "Not a YWP Member?" on the right sidebar. You will be able to sign up and post immediately. All personal information is NOT made public and is NOT shared.

STUDY GUIDES. Click here to download GMBA Handbook and Study Guides for each book.

The 2008/09 year was the fourth year for the Green Mountain Book Award. Co-sponsored by the Vermont Educational Media Association, Vermont Library Association and the Vermont Department of Libraries, this program is designed to introduce to high school students some excellent books for their pleasure reading.

Previous winners:
2009 - Ellen Hopkins. Crank. SimonPulse, 2004.
2008 - John Green. Looking for Alaska. Dutton, 2005.
2007 - Jodi Picoult. My Sister’s Keeper. S & S, 2004.
2006 - Angela Johnson. The First Part Last. S & S, 2003.

The goal of the award is to select a list of books of good literary quality that:

  • Engages high school students.
  • Represents a variety of genres, formats and viewpoints.
  • May include books written both for young people and adults.
  • Reflects the interests of high school students.

To be eligible for the Green Mountain Book Award list, a book must:

  • Be available in paperback
  • Have been published in the last 5 years (2002-2006 for the 2007-2008 list)
  • Have received two favorable reviews in professionally recognized review sources (if possible).

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