Nov 13

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar
Sat. Sept. 17, 2016
A caterpillar
green and white
eyes so big, so full, so bright.

A yellow leaf
one hole, four veins
without a single old green stain.
Summer is gone, and sunshine too
the leaves no longer think of you

With green left nutrients and all worth that was due,
yellow isn't fit to chew
even drenched in morning dew.
The caterpillar
green and white
with eyes so big, so full, so bright
has lost all hope--- his eyes now fade,
nothing but a gloomy shade
grey fog rolls thickly in
heavy thoughts he holds within.

Summer is gone and so is his chance
To sleep and grow before the dance
He'll die instead, poor little thing
never to flit or flap a wing.
Oct 12

Fragments of Reflection: Fragment 2

The only thing I feel that I'm missing is the means by which I can overcome the fear of the unknown/uncertain to seize one of those endless possibilities. But I think will get there one day.


The only thing I feel that I'm missing is the bravery to overcome the fear of the unknown/uncertain. It is the only thing that holds me back at the moment but I think that I will overcome it at some point.

Oct 07

Fragments of Reflection: Fragment 1

But it's a book, you see, not a story. And as she sat there on the ground at the base of the aspen tree, surrounded by the fallen and drying leaves of fall, she was content. She was home. She looked across the driveway at the house she had known since the age of five. It was home. She called it that anyway. She knew that these were her years. She was creating herself and creating her life. These were the years when she was finding where she wanted home to be. Yes, she called this house home. It felt like home. It was home. She would miss the house and her room and the property when she moved away for college but her move for college was her practice run. Not really though. It would be the first of many moves she would make. The first of many beloved, precious places that she would have to wish goodbye. Part of her was comforted to know that the memories and people in her life would be much more important that the places.

Oct 07

Don't be so sure of yourself....

Oct 07

Pen Names