Jun 14
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A Life of Piracy

You might find yourself alone one day
Floating rather than sailing
Drifting rather than exploring
In an empty, blue abyss
Around you all you can see is the void
That smells like salt,rotting wood and fish
Your ship, your salvation, is falling to pieces
Your smile is falling from your face
Your life is losing relevance
As you feel yourself wasting away.

So you cast your gaze to the horizon
It never changes
It never falters
For all you know, you're not even moving
You're standing perfectly still
Or perpetually stuck in a circle
Maybe this is where the sailors go
When they get lost in the Bermuda triangle
But what makes you different,
Is that every day, you wake up excited
Becuase today could be the day..
That's what makes you special
That's what keeps you going

It first appears as no more than a haze on the horizon
May 30
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I should be asleep
But I’m lying awake
Chilled to deep
By some type of earthquake
Staring at the ceiling
I watch and I wait
You’ve had me feeling
This way for days.
You’re fierce and formidable
Yet you never judged me
Never dismissed me as the girl next door
You saw in me what I couldn’t see
You saw a person, a friend, something more
With your head out my sunroof
You shouted and screamed
The words to that David Bowie song
It was like a scene from a story, a book or a movie
A perfect moment when I felt right and not wrong
Because you’re not what anyone expected
You’re not who they asked you to be
You’re unapologetically yourself
You’re all you’ll ever need.
I meet all the expectations
I check every box
But still I feel like something is missing
I don’t want to be this person I’m not
But I don’t want to let down my family
May 21
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Getting Better

I am the one who only knows who I'm not
Defined by everything that I can't do
Not thanking what I've already got
I know that I'm ungreatful, it's true
But it's hard for me to understand
How am I supposed to get better
When I don't even know who I am?

I hear your name
In the voice coming back room
I take a walk through the dark,
I follow just to find you
I trace the sound to the static
On that old car radio
The white noise screaming
If you don't love you'll never know.

I didn't know that I was alone
Until I saw your face
I didn't know my heart was empty
Until you filled the space
I didn't know that I was crazy
Until you called me sane
And I didn't know that I was ordinary
Until you called me strange
You can't tell me who I am
Even if you know everything
Because maybe I am broken
But I still want to change
Apr 13
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Modern Artistry

What do you say to yourself in the mirror
On the days when you no longer feel like trying?
What do you say to your best friend's tears
When you wake up to the sound of them crying?
What do you say to your mom and dad
When they ask if you're feeling okay?
Do you tell them the truth?
Or do you lie to stay out of their way?

You're the kind of person who drives too fast
Cursing red lights for slowing you down
And I scream into the emptiness
But your blaring car radio drowns me out.
My whole world lurches forward
You send me into overdrive
As you force the clutch down to the floor
Moving at the speed of light
And more than anything I've ever felt before
You make me feel alive

You're looking for undiscovered worlds
Underneath layers of peeling gray paint
An alternative reality
Of swirling colors and shapes
Some people call it grafitti
Mar 29
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The Age of Exploration

I’ve been camping out on rooftops
Of every lighthouse that I see
Because the ocean is the only place
That makes any sense to me
And recently, my life's been simply senseless
So I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry
I know that your heart has been a mess
I know that you’ve been hurting
Ever since I left
It’s been nothing but constant yearning.
A craving for the lost moments
That have now become memories
A thought about a piece of stardust
That is now a part of me.
You must have found a way somehow
To close your eyes and hear my voice
In the middle of a concrete jungle
With sirens, screams and bright white noise.
I'm on a journey guided by the stars
And you? You are nowhere to be found
The sorry that I wanted to say to you
Is lost in the abyss of sound
It’s traveling on the ocean waves
Who knows how far it will go?
Mar 19
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Lost Cities

We built this city when our hearts were brand new
We brought skyscrapers up from the ground
When life was easy, when we knew what we knew
But we had no idea what we had found
Buildings rose up, the city grew
And now the city is burning
But I'm still in love with you.

It used to be so simple
When it was love instead of hate
We could have conquered all
But I said too little too late

Now everything just feels wrong
Like a bookshelf with no books
Or a tune without a song
All the dreams I never thought I'd lose
Have been tossed and thrown away
I've got nothing left to hold onto
So I just hold on to the pain
The pain I felt in losing you
As the blue sky fades to grey
I'd give up the world
I'd stop building cities
To color the sky blue again
And have you standing next to me.
But what's the point in dwelling on wishes?
Feb 14
poem 2 comments challenge: Opposite
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What a strange creature you are
I don't think I've ever seen anything
That shines so bright in the dark
Your eyes are the color of a winter day
But you walk just like the middle of summer
Your hair smells like pavement after it's just rained
But it's warm like sunrise in it's color
Your smile hits me like a hurricane.
And when you laugh, it's a million times worse
The Earth yawns in a tremendous earthquake.
Destruction so beautiful it almost doesn't hurt.

So let me watch the Fourth of July fireworks
In the snowy backdrop of your blue-grey eyes
Let me bathe in your waves and tsunamis
And wash away in your riptides
Because I'm tired of being who they tell me to be
I want to trip on the urge to feel alive.
I'm tired of being okay and not great
I want to live, not just survive.

You told me that my skin was paper
And my blood was undilluted kerosene

Feb 01
poem 2 comments challenge: Activism
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Once Upon a Time

This nation was once just a notion
Of tired bodies with hopeful hearts
A pilgrimage across the ocean
Guided by nothing but the stars
It was an idea, with no borders
No silences or boundaries to buy
It was a giant piece of a promise land
Under the same vast and open sky.
We believed in giving love
In protecting our world
We believed in where we come from
We believed in music
And that it could cure any bad mood
We believed in celebration
And that change started in small groups
We believed in determination
And in going against the flow.
We believed that birds should fly free
Instead of being stuck in cages
We believed in being who we wanted to be
And in love that burned through the ages
But now we act like we all hate the world
But  for most of us it’s just an act
The poems we write, the songs that we sing
Everything we do seems to confirm just that.
Jan 24
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Can we pretend that the sky is the ocean?
Because it all looks the same to me.
A wash of blue, splotches of white
Clouds make me feel lost at sea.
I'm a tourist in the furthest reaches of the mind
I'm inexhaustibly whimsical
A conosieur of pseudoscience.

And Colors mean everything to me
But they're getting harder and harder to see
Everything I thought I knew is obselete.
Because I've forgotten what I'm lacking
I just feel incomplete.
I gave you my invitation
But you took everything.

As I watched the firework show
In the black backdrop of your eyes
We tripped on the urge to feel alive.
Now my world is reduced to black and white
Without you, it seems, I am color-blind.
Because lies are beautiful,
But they're still lies.
And I feel myself slipping
I'm falling behind
I need a little less pressure
And a little more time.

I'm empty, I'm tired

Jan 03
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The Phoenix

Pink lips, pretty face
Bloodshot eyes and heartbreak
Burnt smell, no flame.
We rise, we fall
We come from nothing at all
We’re born from soot and dirt
But when we’re alive we’re beautiful
Even when it hurts
And everyone knows our story
Because it’s one of great resilience
Everyone knows the story
Of the fiery, red phoenix.
You’re running ahead
I’m falling behind
You lost your voice
I think I lost my mind.
From wondering what you think
And wondering what you feel
That smile on your face?
I wonder if it’s real.
I want to know everything
What you think about yourself
Do you wish you were invisible?
Do you wish you were someone else?
Is there a place for you somewhere
You just don’t know how to get to?
Do you know if that place exists?
If you don’t, are you worried?
Or are you just an optimist?
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