Jan 03
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The Phoenix

Pink lips, pretty face
Bloodshot eyes and heartbreak
Burnt smell, no flame.
We rise, we fall
We come from nothing at all
We’re born from soot and dirt
But when we’re alive we’re beautiful
Even when it hurts
And everyone knows our story
Because it’s one of great resilience
Everyone knows the story
Of the fiery, red phoenix.
You’re running ahead
I’m falling behind
You lost your voice
I think I lost my mind.
From wondering what you think
And wondering what you feel
That smile on your face?
I wonder if it’s real.
I want to know everything
What you think about yourself
Do you wish you were invisible?
Do you wish you were someone else?
Is there a place for you somewhere
You just don’t know how to get to?
Do you know if that place exists?
If you don’t, are you worried?
Or are you just an optimist?
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Dec 29
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December Rain

You may find yourself out in the cold
In your red cap and your big winter coat
All your holiday shopping done,
Thinking of all you’ve lost and won.
You may tire of this old year
Now that November is over
And with all your cuts and all your scrapes
And all your silly, stupid mistakes
You’re impatiently ringing in the new year.
Now that December is finally here.

But just leave it December,
To teach you everything
That you never learned this year
Because it’s the end and the beginning
And it’s everything in between
It’s everything left in this old year
That you have yet to see.

Just leave it to December.
Leave it to the last minute
Leave it until the ball is falling
And then put your whole heart in it.
Leave it until 11:59
To the very end of your time limit
Because you’ll never run out of time
With only sixty seconds.

Dec 27
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What I've Been Told

I've been told our future is grim and dark
With brainwashed cyborgs and broken hearts
The government will be gone, or have too much control
We'll all be slaves to what we've been told
It will be war after war
And revolution after revolution
All ending in the same uncertainty
With no definite resolution.

I've been told our future is over
And that this is the sweet, bitter end
I've been told it's time to say good-bye
To every stranger and every friend.
I've been hugged close and told not to cry
Over the fact that I'll never grow old
I'll be long gone before I'll have a chance to die.
At least, that's what I've been told.

I've been told that our future is here
And we can do with it what we like
Because no one seems to care as much
When you're running out of time.
I've been told my generation will end it all
Becasue no one ever taught us to try.
Dec 18
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Don't Breathe

I can’t tell you what it really means
All I can say it what it feels like
And I don’t want to say that
Because if I start talking, I might cry.
I can’t tell you what I want to say
All I can do is pick a fight
Tell you I’m sorry seven times a day
But we both know that that’s lie.
We don’t drink because we’re thirsty
We drink just too forget
On three dollar bottles of wine
That burn as they go down the hatch.
Each drink is laced with worry
That encases my heart in fear
Because the world outside is scary
But it’s even scarier in here.
And I feel like screaming
Because I’ve got no one to talk to
Because you’ve never liked to listen
And I’m here waiting for you,
While you’re craving someone new
And I’m feeling more and more distant.
So you’ll scream to try to reach me
And I’ll scream right back
We scream until we can’t scream
Dec 10
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I've always loved everything you do
I've loved the way you look
I've loved the way you move.
I used to spend hours watching you
Because you could bring me home
While making me feel brand new.

You're the last person
I would expect to run into
And I never thought you'd be alone
I never thought it would be like this.
But I guess you never know
Becuase we thought we'd be here forever
But turns out forever isn't so long.
We acted like we'd never grow old
And it turns out I was the only one who was wrong.
So it couldn't have been you
Who I saw on the street
Because you're long gone,
And swept overseas.
Swept up past the clouds,
Past the stars and the trees
Past skyscrapers and everyone
Everyone, but me.

And I know it's been awhile
But I don't think that I've changed
Because when I lost you I got stuck
And I think I'll always be the same.

Dec 04
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Being Wrong

I’ve been wrong hundreds of times
I’ve made millions of zillions of mistakes
I’ve miss signals, smiles and signs
I’ve been told I don’t have what it takes.
But with every fault, and failed try
I’ve learned something new, something great
With every slip-up, all the times I’ve cried
I’ve learned to look back and make a change.
Because I’ve broken promises
I’ve stepped on toes
I’ve apologized to people who I don’t even know
I’ve watched wave after wave come crashing down
I’ve said lots of things that can’t be said aloud.
I’ve lost many loves
I’ve bent many rules
I’ve tripped and I’ve fallen
Like I’m some kind of fool.
My standards have slipped
I’ve overslept
I’ve gone right so many times
When I should have gone left.
I’ve skipped over phases
I’ve skimmed what I’ve read.
And I’ve colored green
What should have been red.
Nov 09
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A House Divided

He was a man and he was on a mission
It was operation "Make America Great Again"
The plan? It was simple.
Give Americans permission to hate again.
And now there's never been a time like this
When everyone's this pissed...
That hasn't ended in hundreds of hearts breaking

His methods are unorthodox
But hey! So were Reagan's
But is that really a positive?
Reagan didn't quite save us.
They say they've never seen
Bigotry so blatant
They've never seen a man
Quite this sexist.
Not to mention anti-semitic
And oh! Homophobic.
All on top of his denial of
Female rights to abortion.

So America, meet your next president
The real Donald Trump
He's here to give our interest rates
And minorities a bump
He can't handle his own twitter account
He's got no self-control
Especially if you're not white
Megyn Kelly, or less than half of the whole
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Nov 03
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This is the place where our story starts
This is the place we'll always come back to
This is the place for old friends and new hearts.
This is the place where we sat under a tree
And, night after night, we counted stars.
And no matter how hard we try, we belong here
Because it's who we are.

We come from crunchy fall leaves
We come from smoke rising off burning wood.
We come from piping hot cider and snowflake dreams.
We come from Christmas sledding and opening presents
With warm firesides and bright red rosy cheeks.
Because we are all these things and many more
This is us. This is you and me.

And you'll always make me nervous
When you walk into the room
You'll always give me butterflies
When I'm standing next to you.
But we come from the same place
And while you'll always feel brand new
This is in our blood, in our DNA
This is where we were born, where we grew.

Oct 23
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Lonely Boy

Inspired by "Broadway Boogie Woogie" by Piet Mondrian (http://www.piet-mondrian.org/broadway-boogie-woogie.jsp)
He always thought it was romantic, being alone. He liked it. It gave him time to think. He liked drinking his coffee alone, taking the subway alone, reading alone, walking home alone at night when all the lights of the city shone brighter because the selfish, bragging sun had fallen below the horizon. It gave him time to collect himself and then set his mind free. And his mind, it flew, far above the city, until he was just a tiny dot among millions of tiny dots, walking through geometric patterns of skyscrapers and city streets.
Oct 20
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The Local

I guess I couldn't make you stay
So I'm holding no one's hand
On this cold winter's day
I'm taking my time
Because it's all that's really mine
And it's meant for two.

You left in the autumn
And then all the leave fell
And I hit rock bottom
Only no one could tell
That's the thing about heartbreak
To you, it's an earthquake
But to everyone else
You're just a cliche.
And you're alone.

It's the perfect season for romance
Keeping each other warm
Simply by holding hands.
Watching the snow fall
Covering the ground
Muffling the woods
And all of its sounds.
The birds don't sing here
Because they've all flown south
It's just me and my shame
With your hand over my mouth.

So we could fall for warm firesides
And we could take trips on skis
We could lick candy canes
And shop for Christmas trees