Jun 15
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To Every Boy I've Loved

Dear the first,

I think you always knew I was going to be different. You knew I wasn't going to let anyone tell me that I couldn't do something because I was a girl. You taught me to never take no for answer and that people would underestimate me in my life because I was small or because I cried more than most people or just because I'm a girl. And I really appreciate that, you know? I have looked to you millions of times in millions of ways and every time you come through. Maybe sometimes you couldn't make it to my ice shows or my races, but I always knew that if it were possible, you would be there, and whether you were there or not, I knew you'd be proud of me and that's what got me through it all. Through the shakey knees on stage, through the bell lap of every race, through all of it.
Jun 13
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New beginnings happen every day
The world is always evolving
But we always have the leftover pain
Even as the daylight is fading
We can't help but remember yesterday
And everything that ever went wrong
Because though there is love there is also hate
And I guess we've know that all along.

In the world we live in,
There's strength and there's weakness
There's life, and there'es death
Theres good, but there's also evil.
And evil is somthing we can never forget.

It's in the past, but it still hurts
And it feels like it's just getting worse
We can't find hope for humanity
Even if we we're still trying
I really wish I were kidding
I really wish I were lying.

Day after day, we taste our own salty tears
And we're finding new broken pieces year after year.
And maybe the past is in the past
And what's gone is gone.
But there's always a small bit that lasts

Jun 10
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One of a Kind

There she goes again
Every morning it's the same
She walks on by their appartment
They want to call out her name
Problem is they don't know it
So they bark and they meow
And she turns and smiles back at them
And yes, her smile is beautiful
But her eyes are losing hope
And they want to tell her
Everything she doesn't know

Because sometimes we don't read
So much as we skim
We buy things we don't need
To replace what's important.
Because we've all gotten stuck
Thinking we're small and insignificant.

After all, we're just one in seven billion
We're tiny specks on one big globe
We're a microscopic fraction
No one cares what we think or know.
But what happened to those books and movies?
To that beautiful sense of purpose and hope?
The ones who tell you that it's all a lie,
Written by someone with a head full of dope?
May 30
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A Walk in the Graveyard

You might be gone
But I still remember the words you spoke.
Your letters might be lost
But I still remember the things you wrote.
I haven't heard your voice in a while
But I still remember the stories you told.
And I havent been there in forever
But I still remember the house you sold.
The songs you sang, the hands you held.
All the places that you went,
These are the things I hold close to my heart.
These are the things I will never forget.

So here I have found my grandmother today
In every book and cloud and dream.
Because you are more than just this headstone.
You are in every part of me.
You are in the little bits that make me strange.
You are the laughing summer memories.
And in the effort I'm giving when everyone watches
As I swim against the stream.
The way I cry when the ending's real.
You're in the way I smile and the way I feel.
May 29
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The River Speaks

I am the rivers.
I am where your ancestors' civilizations grew and flourished
I run through the valleys, down the mountains.
I run under your bridges
I carry your boats wherever they need to go
Your ancestors? They worshipped me, respected me.
They knew how much they depended on me.
What changed?

Now my banks are drying up.
There is no water to flow through me anymore.
And when there is, it's fowl,
Polluted with your oil and your trash.
You treat me like I'm nothing.
Don't you realize that I'm just a thin ribbon of water?
And that I'm actually alive?
But you, you're killing me.
Don't you see it?
Aren't you paying attention?

I am poisoned by your waste
I am evaporating in the heat.
I give you fish to eat,
I give you water to drink and to bathe in
I give and I give and I give.
But do you notice?
Of course not.

May 29
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Everything I Didn't Say

I know I've taken your breath away
As I've made mistake after mistake.
I just hope that I'm not far too late
Because this is everything I didn't say
You might not know this about yourself
But you're going to change the world someday
Because you're crazily stupid and incredibly smart
You've been to ever city, county and state
You've lived your whole life like a work of art
Yes, you amaze me as much as anyone has
Because without your crazy I look like a spaz.
You talk like love in the morning
Even as you’re breathing in afternoon air.
You smell like pavement after it’s rained
As you splash through puddles without a care.
You are the kind of person everyone should know
Because you’re willing to step back and let me steal the show.
You're the stars in my sky, lighting the way
And as long as I have you, I know I'll be okay.
May 15
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Letting Go

Let's hold on to forever
To this paper and this pen
Let's write our story in these letters
And send them to places we've never been
We'll sing the words we speak
We'll write down all the memories
We wish to keep.
We'll yell, we'll shout, we'll scream
Professions of a love so great between
That crazy stupid you and me.

So all we need to know
Is where to start our adventures
Make a list of the places we'll go
And in a series of pefect moments
We'll steal the show.
And I promise I'll give you everything
And I'll never let you go.

It's the sensation
I get when I'm with you.
That feeling of exhileration.
That tells me I'm in love with you
Without that I don't know what I'd do

But now for months I've been away from home
I don't expect you to understand
Weeks on end I'm all alone
I forget what it's like to hold your hand.
May 10
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Hits and Blows

You'll be the catcher
I'll be the rye.
You'll be the sun
And I'll be the sky
You want to play magician?
That's perfectly fine
I'll be your assistent
And your noble guide
You can take lead
Because I don't mind.

I'll be the part
You'll be the whole
I'll be the body
You'll be the soul
I'll be silver
You can be gold
And I'll shrivel up and die
But you'll never grow old

Every Batman needs a Robin
Every Spongebob needs a Patrick
Every Holmes needs a Watson
Every Peter needs a Tink
Every Harry needs a Ron
Everyone needs someone else
To make them great.
Like how every hero needs a sidekick
And every captain needs a mate
And every meal needs an appetizer
On a slightly smaller plate.

I'll be the harmony
To every song you sing
Because that's what friends are for.
I'll be there, through everything.
May 08
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More Than Anything

I remember every nook and cranny
I remember every pointless conversation
Every stupid memory.
Walking the same road I did
But in an entire different reality
Hundreds of miles down the  same road
But no crazy, stupid you and me.
I'm all alone
I'm trapped in the one place I can call home.

The cracks in the pavement are still there.
The stars are still shining bright
And you can still see the milkyway
In the deep, moonless sky.
And as I wander down memory lane
Tears spring to my eyes.
As I remember all their names.
It hurts so much that I start to cry
Because I remember everything.

I remember all the love we proffessed
I remember all the midnigh adventures.
I remember all the secrets I've kept
I remember sparklers and sunrises
I remember all the nights I never slept
I remember everything we left behind
And I hate to think that it might be all gone
Mar 29
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Life in Technicolor

Your mother never says it
But she loves you
And your father can't prove it
But he swears its true
And your brother doesn't know it
But he's turning blue
And you'll never be it
But we all know you want to.

And everything is grey
Your eyes, your clothes, your teeth
The color's trapped inside
You're tearing at the seams.
Paint squeezes from your eyes
And pours down your cheeks.
All the tears that you cried
Are coloring their dreams
You gave them everything
You didn't even think.

And everything turns blue
Your brother, the sky, the streets
And everything's open now
But what does that mean?
Families fall apart, people fall together
But nothing is as it seems