Apr 17

Trust In The Pilot

This wasn’t easy for me, you know
To place my heart in your hands
To trust that you won’t mournfully give it back like the last one
Or laugh and push it away like the one before that
But care for it and protect it from harm

It’s a leap of faith for me
Like stepping on an airplane about to carry me over the Atlantic
And putting my trust in the pilot to keep us in the air

But then, I suppose
If I can trust a total stranger to keep me from falling to my death and drowning in the ocean
To protect my life
Then I can trust you with something just as precious
And stand back with baited breath to see what you will do with the heart I’ve placed in your care

Don’t break it again
Apr 17

In A Van To The Airport

Through dead grassy fields

And tall dry trees

Through murky lakes

And a hot harsh breeze

It’s not that fun

But I’m thrilled to be here

Because the next step

Is drawing ever near

The airport, the plane

And the whole new continent

Thoughts of the future

Keep me more than content

So I sit in this van

Unaware of my home

My mind across the sea

And my heart in Rome
Apr 12

To Be Here For You

Tears drip
Lip quivers
Eyes show pain she will not word

As much as it hurts her
It stabs me
To see her cry

I want to hunt them down
Scream at them for what they've done
For hurting her

But instead
I take her hand, squeeze it tight
Hold her close

Because while I would go to the ends of the earth
To protect her
She needs me here right now
Apr 04

I Remember

I remember a time when I thought the world was a beautiful place.

I remember thinking about villains in stories and movies and laughing because everyone nowadays is so nice. How could anybody be that cruel? It didn’t make sense.

I remember history lessons, and the way we learned about war, discrimination, hatred. It seemed so far away, as if they were fairy tales told to scare us. The deaths, the victims, all of that was just numbers to us. An annoyance to fit so many zeros onto that one line we set aside for statistics.

I remember watching the news with my father half-heartedly. I didn’t understand what the person on the screen was talking about, and I didn’t really want to. I just wanted the person to stop talking about whatever he was going on about so we could switch back to Disney Channel.
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I Remember.m4a
Mar 08

Home Once More

The clicking of keyboards
The murmur of voices
The rustle of paper
The scritching of pencils

Light, shining through windows
Laughter, exchanged between friends
Words, more than one could imagine
Worlds, coming alive in my hands

The library is my safe space
I know it inside and out
No matter which one I enter
I recognize the atmosphere

Of quiet
And peace
And ease
And happiness

I slip into it
As if I am donning a cloak
And smile to myself
For I am home once more
Feb 19

Beauty and the Beasts

“Help! I screamed, running as fast as I could into the forest. My breath was coming in short pants as I sobbed out cries for help. “Please, someone, help me!”

But it was to no avail - the wolves continued to pursue me through the woods, their red gleaming eyes promising that I would be their dinner tonight. Their four legs were much faster than my two, and I soon found myself cornered by a scraggly cliff.

“I’m going to die,” I thought, my heart racing, “I’m going to die here, alone, in the dark forest. My body will be ripped apart by wolves. Why, oh why didn’t I stay at the castle?! He might have been a brute, but at least I was safe there!”
Jan 07

I Believe In Us

The first time I heard of the wave of school shootings streaking across our nation, I was shaken to the core of my being.

The second time, I was scared but not shocked.

By the third time, I was used to getting alerts about students being shot in one of the few places they should feel safe. And that’s not a sentence anyone should ever have been able to say.

I read the stories online. I read the obituaries of the students, who had opportunities awaiting them they would never be able to take. Acceptances into college, internships, places on sports teams that were robbed from them in a single bullet.

I read the stories of the survivors as well.
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Oct 25

Dance of Creation

In my mind
I hold out my hand to yours
Eyes inviting, curious, longing
You hesitate
But take it

We walk to the center of the floor
Your hand on my waist, mine on your shoulder
For it must be you that leads
Our other hands are joined
For only together can we accomplish this

The music starts
And we dance
You guide me through the steps
Eyes locked on mine
Filled with your story
Your hopes and dreams
Your deepest desires
And I latch on

We waltz
And tango
And salsa
And twirl
And dip
And spin
And leap
Your story flowing to me
With every step

I know you intricately now
Our mouths move at the same time
Both telling your story
Our minds are melding
Our brains binding
Our souls shining together
As one

I open my eyes, smile, and start to write
Because, my dear character,
Oct 07

Oh, Brilliant!

She's there. Shining on the screen, a beacon of light and hope. Her smile is bright enough to power universes. Her eyes are alight with curiosity and excitement and fierce loyalty. Just as she always has in the past.

Or, rather, how he always has in the past.

She is the Doctor.  She's back. And she's brilliant.
Sep 27

Light In The Darkness

The night arrives, and I close the door to my room behind me reluctantly.

The effect is immediate. With no sources of light left, all that lies before me is total darkness. No matter where I turn, I cannot see a thing. All is lost to me.

Despite the dropping sensation in my chest, I find my way to the one safe space, my bed. And I wait. I wait, eyes open to the blackness before me, because it is necessary to keep watch in times such as these.

Because as I wait, as I adjust to this new and disconcerting environment, I start to see things again. It starts simply with shapes and outlines. Then things that are familiar to me start to emerge. Details appear with time.

There are no colors, for the darkness is still dominant, but I smile and relax at the sight. Because as long as we can find our way, no matter how little light there is, we can have hope to continue on.