Oct 08
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Let me Vent

Venting is important
It's like a natural filter of filthy phrases you engage to keep your civilized tongue when it seems like something you care about is falling apart
Let me vent
Don't limit my vocabulary choice
Let me shout it from the rooftops
Let me get it off my chest
But know that I don't mean anything hurtful
Don't try to control my vent
I'll just push harder
Don't try to lead my vent anywhere
I'll just rebel
Don't allow me to hurt you
Again, I don't mean anything I say when all I see is red and all I hear is gibberish
Don't let me get to you
I'm trying to get myself in order
Let me start and end on any note I want
Let me unleash a colorful stream of profanity that only you and I will hear and then forget
Let me cripple to the floor if I want to
Don't pick me up unless I say so
Let me hold myself physically
Becasue mentally I've lost my grip
Sep 28
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Me Studying

Studying is like an addiction
I can't lift my head
Just one more, one more, let me get it done
Time goes by so slowly
I think I'm finished when I see another I can do
Another that doesn't require too much effort

Studying is like a curse
You wanna get it over with
So you can have fun later without the pressure hanging over your head
Of unfinished business that will blanket your mind in heavy regret for procrastination
I just can't stop
While others just can't start
And I don't know which is worse

Studying is like a compromise
Do this now, you'll do this later
Set your priorities
Which needs the most attention
Which needs the most time
Which needs critical thinking or creative thinking
But it tricks you into thinking that once your list is all crossed out
It surprises you with another list that you think you can handle

Studying is like a contract
Sep 05
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Just Dance

I don't know about you, but depending on the situation, I'm so self conscious when I dance. I don't dance well, but then again, what is dancing? Dancing is the movement of your body to the rhythm of music. So, I take it back, I guess it's not me dancing well that's at stake here, but my ego of how I'm dancing. Well, anyways, since I was a little kid, I never danced, but I did sing. As I grew up, I realized how off my harmony was, and before I even consciously knew it, I began picking up dance more and more. Now I'm still out of sync with the music, but does that really matter? I mean, unless you're a professional and you're being paid to master a few moves, then yeah it does, but if you're just with friends, that's when you shouldn't feel terrible about your ego being a little bruised. Cause they're your friends!
Aug 06
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I'm a cryer. I'm just gonna get it out of the way. It's said that on average, women cry twice a month and men once a month, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that those numbers don't apply to me. I used to always think that in the seconds after something drastic happens, you have a choice; cry or hold it in. A few times, I surrendered to twin waterfalls on my face, and other times, I let a stone expression mask my inner feelings. It feels good to let loose sometimes, to just unleash pent-up emotions, some you may not even know you had. It's a way of deeply expressing yourself, putting clear visuals center stage and letting the waterworks take you down the river. Of course, it depends on the severity of the cause that will affect the level of reaction. Had a rough day? Shed a tear. Had a small fight? Hyperventilate. Was just at the wrong place at the wrong time? Suck it up! Had the worst day of your life and wish you could change what you did?
Jun 19
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A Community Within A Community

Have you ever been part of something within something? A society within a society? A club within a club? A community within a community? Where you're tight-knit and friends and you know each other. Where you can predict how others will react and vice versa. I have been part of a community within a community, and I loved it. It was definitely my favorite two years. There was always something interesting, something new, something challenging. But I had friends who were taking me along for the ride and days when I would lead. But it wasn't just us; no it was a much larger community. We had culinary, science med, autobody, design and much more. If you were to remove us from the main community, we would not only survive, but thrive. We had people specializing in different fields with promising results. We had our own criminal justice and digital media.
May 19
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Should We Cure Autism Or Not? – Speech Class

The debate about whether there should be a cure for autism or not has taunted both sides with theories and fears. In 2009, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority negatively called out the Son-Rise program, a center that mentors parents about autism and treatments, because of an ad that made them sound like they could "cure" autism. Yet between 3-25% of people seemingly "outgrow" their diagnosis, meaning that the autistic label becomes inappropriate.
May 18
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Why I Write –– Quick Free Write

Because it's easier to write than to talk
Because my words on the page are louder than my vocal cords
Because words on a page last longer than words in the air
I write to express myself in more ways than one
I write to remember and forget things I have done
I write cause it's a freedom of speech
And a chance for me to teach
What awaits on the tip of my tongue
That I cannot speak for reasons unknown
Mind blown.
Because I get caught up in life
Because I got an unspeakable strife
Because I sometimes don't know which way is right
That is why I write.
Apr 24
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Dawn and Dusk

The Dawn chases the Dusk away
The morning chases the Dawn
The Dusk chases the evening a while
Before Twi and Day are gone
With morning brings dewdrops and fog
With evening, color-scattered skies
With Dawn rises the First Light for All
And Dusk reveals the Hidden Lives
This brother and sister chase themselves silly
Unfazed by the passage of time
Stopping only long enough
To let Morning and Evening shine
Apr 14
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It began with a class field trip to China organized by my real-life teacher to film the culture, tourist attractions and beautiful scenery. I, not like my real-life self, was eager to go to China. The other students and teacher melted away once we arrived and I found myself in a large courtyard that resemboled the inside of the Forbidden City. But it couldn't be...