May 26

My Garden Tiger

May 04

Please Act Now!

                I find it extremely discouraging that it is necessary to ask our leaders and representatives to act in their people's, and their Earth's, best interest. The consequences of letting Scott Pruitt dismantle and manipulate the EPA for his profit will reach farther than the lives of Americans. It will poison every corner of our world, destroying the Earth which feeds us. To allow this to happen would exceed greed and cross the borders of human decency. I will do everything in my power to make sure my future, our future, does not include Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator. I hope you will do the same.               
Jan 23

The Invisible Print

Jan 12

We The People

I dread to think that
the rest of the world
see us Americans as

We the people,
who voted for Trump.
We the people,
who let him stay in office.
We the people,
who must be like him
because we allow him
to rule our country...

I long for them to realize
there are those of us
who loath to hear his voice &
 the lies he carelessly crafts,
burn with shame at the sight
of the clown turning our
country into an abhorrent circus

There are still people...
We the people,
who are too young, too quiet, too few
to make our voices heard
while Trump's ludicrous
statements resound across the world.

We the people,
who recognize Trump isn't breaking the glass ceiling
he's disassembling it piece by piece,
degrading us bit by bit,
so we're less likely to notice.

We the people,
Oct 27


Oct 19

A Girl

There's a girl I know
who walks the halls at school
like a cat walk
leaving a trail of stares
and perfume behind her

There's a girl I know
who's name is constantly
tossed about in conversation
with jealous insults
and objectifying compliments
and she acts like she doesn't hear

There's a girl I know
who puts her image out there
photo shopped and covered with makeup
because our society expects
nothing short of perfection

There's a girl I know
always surrounded by people,
with thousands of followers

but in the bathroom one day
I saw her standing all alone
with pain and tears in her eyes...

There's a girl I kno- I thought I knew

who everyone claims to know

but so few really understand