Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- Middle School Cold Readings


Response to Middle School cold readings. We apologize the responses to plays 1 & 2 somehow were not saved. 

#9 thank you for your wonderful play! The humor mixed with the conflict made it really interesting to watch.
#9 I really down to earth, about things that many people have experienced
#9 Do you relate to Ajax?
Play #9 haha the dEmOn was FuNNY!!!!!!!!!
#9 What was your inspiration for a good demon, usually they are a bad thing
#9 The message behind the story is powerful...(even though there is some humor) What is your take on the main point?

#8 I myself have experienced racism, and it made me very emotional. It was so powerful and I love it.
#8 this was the Best play I've ever heard in my life! You are amazing!
#8 that was powerful. When the two ladies spoke at the same time, I had goosebumps
#8 This was so amazing. So powerful and all around a beautiful piece

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 1

Response to VYP 2018 High School Cold Readings Round 1 

#1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle).

5: I really liked how the premise was largely unexplained, forcing us to come up with a world and some explanation of the toy/human relationship
"5 it was very original, never heard anything like it. maybe develop the female human a little more.
5- FOR ACTORS please wait for the other actors to finish the lines
5: Mention the performance for the king earlier; earlier its said that they're just tourists. I love the originality!
5- You did an amazing job working with unique character and dialog. Maybe it would be nice if there was a bit more closure to the story?

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 2

Responses to the Second Round of High School Plays --  #1: Champlain Valley Union (Snack Cakes, Pete Skpasyk); #2: Rock Point School (Unknown, Josh Santora); #3: Middlebury Union High School, (Call Me After You Leave, Anna McIntosh); #4: Winooski High School (Untitled, Rehmah Alchaderchi); #5: Bellows Free Academy (Momicide, Julia Scott);  #6: Mt Abraham Union (The Game Changer, Patrick Marotulio)
#6 wow, it was great, the way the characters yelling back and forth makes the play flow so well, the way it was written was done perfectly.
#6: fascinating interpretation of young adult relationships.
6. The shift between their anger to accepting the infidelity seemed kind of sudden, but I enjoyed their development as characters.
#6 Good comparison between sports and their relationship. Very creative!!
6- the dialogue was amazing and I loved the back and forth
#6, wow. the team bit was honestly genius
Apr 24

What, Mind?

Mind, please, come back.
I don't know when you left me
or why,
I don't know where we were
when you zipped out of my skull,
but come back. 
Please, come back.
Here's why.
This morning I got up from bed
took a shower and put on 
two different socks
started to put on my wife's boots
(a little tight, that's what gave it away)
and went out the door
withOUT my keys,
without my backpack,
without my lunch,
without getting my morning coffee.
That's just a little thing.
But what about the time last week 
when I got up and went home
only to remember, halfway home,
that I was supposed to meet someone,
20 minutes earlier.
Or a couple of nights ago,
when I woke up in the middle of the night,
cold sweat time,
and wondered whether I had double checked
that story, made sure the reporter
had all the documents to support it
Apr 23

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Apr 11

Vid from the Web


I watched Zuckerberg testify for a short time on Tuesday and then listened as I did some work. A couple of things came to mind, a couple of things struck me:
  • He still looks and acts like a rich college kid.
  • Has he ever worn a tie before?
  • Does he really expect we'll believe him?
I can't shake the image of his haughty outrage shortly after the November 2016 election when he said that it was ridiculous to think that Facebook had anything to do with the election. He's been backpedalling ever since. And it makes me think that, in fact, he still was in the mentality of a group of guys in rented house madly coding and re-inventing the platform initially designed, lest we forget, to let Harvard students rate women. Yes, that's true. It was called Facemash and it pulled photos from Harvard sites and set up a rating system for the "hottest" women on campus.
Apr 03

50 years ahead of his time

As some of you may know, each year I tap the maple trees behind my house and make syrup. It is a peaceful, methodical process. There is no way to speed up liquid boiling, or to hurry along the sap flowing out of the trees when done the way I do it, the old-fashioned way, a single tap per tree on which hangs a bucket and a top. The process is driven by nature -- temperature changes, physics and weather. It is an exercise of patience and affords me the time to slow down, to notice, to think. And as I chop wood, load the fire box, as I empty the buckets and haul the sap, as I feed the fire and, finally, drain off the syrup, I have plenty of time to think. 

This year, on Easter, I decided to listen to this sermon by Martin Luther King. I am not a Christian, but I respect the faith as I do all the religions and their power to make one think about one's place in life, to think about one's purpose, to align our souls to goodness. 

Invisibilia Story

A panel of judges sits to decide the fate of the young woman. She's the child of addicts and an ex-addict and ex-felon herself, and she's asking the court to trust her to become an attorney. The outcome of her case hinges on a question we all struggle with: are we destined to repeat our patterns, or do we generally stray in surprising directions? - a question increasingly relevant in an age when algorithms are trying to predict everything about our behavior.

Invisibilia -- NPR

I like ... gg

I love sugaring. It's crazy really because when you add up all the time and money and effort you put into it, cleaning the buckets, tapping the trees, hanging the buckets, emptying the buckets, chopping down the dead trees, sawing, splitting the logs, feeding the fire, draining off, refilling the evaporator, collecting more sap, filling the fire box, checking the density, draining off more near syrup, filling the holding tank, collecting sap, filling the fire box.... for what? 

For this: