Dec 19

This just in ...

Atlanta, GA (FN) The more the merrier.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced Tuesday that it had gotten so much good feedback on their recent banned word list that they decided to expand it to include 143 additional words it found objectionable. 

"This should make communication much easier," said Irving Schnidlink, temporary Czar of Words for the CDC and a prominent Republican fundraiser. "We get so mixed up when we use too many words and you know how those liberal elites are -- always trying to show off their vocabulary."

Schnidlink said the word list -- and he said there could be additional announcements in the near future -- was put into effect immediately and employees, subcontractors and everyone who has ever been in Atlanta, even passing through, is now prohibited from using the following words:
Dec 04


Is there a better way, a better direction?

Must we drill in the pristine Arctic wilderness?

Must we reward the wealthy and hurt those scratching out an existence?

Must we have congressmen and a president who are led by the desires of their donors?

Is it right that our President, himself accused of harassing women, would endorse an accused child molester in his race for the U.S. Senate?

Is it right for other national leaders to say that a child molester is favorable over a Democrat?

Can we acknowledge that the planet IS warming and we should do something about it?

Can we honor our history by realizing that yes, indeed, we have a terrible disparity in this country depending on the color of your skin?

Can we encourage art? and music? and writing?

Can we create an environment where it is OK to disagree?

Can we truly love and reach out to our neighbors?

Dec 01

Fall Conference Photos

My knife story

Your story made me think of one of my own ...

When I was a kid, I was what they call ambidextrous -- I could use either hand (or foot) equally. My grandfather had given me a small pen knife and had taught me how to keep it sharp. I went one step further: I made the knife so sharp that it could easily cut paper. Cool. 
Nov 13

A snippet of Saturday

Thanks to all who came to YWP's Celebration of Writing 2017 at Vermont College of Fine Arts. (And thanks, too, for their partnership!) Inspiring workshops, inspiring writing and a lot of fun. 

These are just a couple of photos -- more will be along shortly -- and one of the open mic pieces, this one by Rachel. Listen. It's an amazing poem and amazing presentation.

Audio download:

Winter Tales is Awesome!

Thanks to all of you brave souls who submitted work for this year's Winter Tales -- a collaboration with Vermont Stage Company where selected work is presented by actors and actresses in a night of storytelling from Dec. 6-10.

It was a difficult choice made by YWP and VSC, but congratulations to the following YWP writers whose pieces were selected to be presented by Vermont Stage Company actors as part of its annual Winter Tales shows from Dec. 6-10. Here are the selections -- made by YWP and VT Stage -- and the shows they will be presented:

Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30pm
Nov 06

Writing Prompt ... 2

The man wasn't sure why he reached down for the note, soggy as it was on his gorgeous leather gloves. He was fastidious about those gloves, which is why they lasted all these years. He carefully unwrapped the note and saw the time and place of the rendezvous.

He knew immediately that he would go. He signalled the driver with his other hand and soon the Rolls Royce pulled up next to him, the driver exited came around back and opened the door for the man who handed the note to the driver and took his hand towel and dried his glove. 

"7 p.m.," Henry. "Make sure we get there several minutes early."

Editor's note: Continue this by SPROUTING the original story and give it a title that is numerically next.


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