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On Thursday Oct 12, 27 young people came to our workshop and open mic, part of the Voices for Change Project.

We will be highlighting some of the most moving presentations over the next few weeks. And mark your calendars: These events take place every SECOND THURSDAY in collaboration with Burlington City Arts at their building on Church Street next to City Hall. Workshop with YWP Artisitc Director Rajnii Eddins: 6 p.m. Pizza: 6:45 p.,m. Open mic: 7 p.m. We will be streaming. (and improving the sound recording. sorry.)'

Nasteha is a senior at Burlington High School. This piece was written from a prompt during the workshop. As she told the audience, she wasn't feeling that good.

Oct 16

Barber from Hell

My wife and I are in San Francisco. On vacation. We are having a great time. It is warm and sunny and my hair is a mess. I need a haircut. I needed a haircut a month ago. I needed a haircut two months ago. And there it us before us, a barber pole and a quaint looking barber shop with nice looking shops on either side. What the heck. We walk in.

The barber is in a chair reading a magazine. He rises and welcomes me to sit down. He speaks and his accent is hard to place. German? Eastern European?

I sit down and he tucks the cover around my neck. I see my wife, in the mirror, sit down and pick up a magazine. She holds it up. "Guns & Ammo." She frowns. I remove my glasses.

The electric shears should have been the give away. He pulls out these gigantic haircutting shears and starts to work on the back of my head. Why is he starting there?
Oct 13

Dear Soul, 2067

The Personal Essay

What is a personal essay? YWP defines it as a piece that focuses on an insight, realization or belief about life that is significant to the writer. We believe that all good personal essays should include narrative, that is a story about a significant event -- this is what draws the reader in -- and can include what is called memoir, that is discussion of a significant relationship between the writer and an object, person or place.
Oct 11


"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Oh, come now. A cliche? In a fortune cookie? I was so disappointed. I had gone to the Chinese restaurant, whipped through my egg roll, my King Pao chicken and noodles and now, now, NOW it was time for my fortune cookie.

Nasteha at Lamp Shop in Burlington

Nasteha @ LampShop

Posted by Rajnii Alexander Gibson Eddins on Tuesday, October 3, 2017
This video originally posted on Facebook by Rajnii Eddins, YWP's Artistic Director. The event took place Monday, Oct. 2 at the Lamp Shop in Burlington.

Oct 04


Oct 03

Looks can be ...

Note: Photo actually taken by semacdonald, ywp community leader.

I am in such a good mood. Light is good. Air is brisk. By myself, camera in hand, I walk through an unexplored area of woods several miles from my home. It feels good. It is magical.

I take this photograph off the trail a bit, right on the edge of an embankment. I wait for the light to be just right and take three frames. Then I start to turn away. That's when I hear it. It comes from deep below the water. Or so it seems. I turn back. The water has ripples, the algae bounces. Then it settles. I start to turn again and, again, I hear a deep low noise, a combination of a low, dull thump and a moan. Again the water ripples, though this time the ripples are more pronounced. I back up. Onto the bank. And watch.
Sep 29

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