Oct 11


"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Oh, come now. A cliche? In a fortune cookie? I was so disappointed. I had gone to the Chinese restaurant, whipped through my egg roll, my King Pao chicken and noodles and now, now, NOW it was time for my fortune cookie.

Nasteha at Lamp Shop in Burlington

Nasteha @ LampShop

Posted by Rajnii Alexander Gibson Eddins on Tuesday, October 3, 2017
This video originally posted on Facebook by Rajnii Eddins, YWP's Artistic Director. The event took place Monday, Oct. 2 at the Lamp Shop in Burlington.

Oct 04


Oct 03

Looks can be ...

Note: Photo actually taken by semacdonald, ywp community leader.

I am in such a good mood. Light is good. Air is brisk. By myself, camera in hand, I walk through an unexplored area of woods several miles from my home. It feels good. It is magical.

I take this photograph off the trail a bit, right on the edge of an embankment. I wait for the light to be just right and take three frames. Then I start to turn away. That's when I hear it. It comes from deep below the water. Or so it seems. I turn back. The water has ripples, the algae bounces. Then it settles. I start to turn again and, again, I hear a deep low noise, a combination of a low, dull thump and a moan. Again the water ripples, though this time the ripples are more pronounced. I back up. Onto the bank. And watch.
Sep 29

Fall Conference TODAY!

Sep 28

I write

I write.

Because I have something to say.

A story.

A detail.

A worry.

A question.

Something I've noticed.

Something I've felt.

Something that worries me.

An idea, a character, a problem.

And when I don't write.

I grow confused.

I grow anxious.

I stop noticing.

I stop imagining.

I stop.

Sep 28

NE Young Writers Conference Applications due Oct. 10

Interested in an intensive writing conference? Check out the New England Young Writers Conference. Some of the YWP community members have attended in the past and perhaps can comment here. 

Deadline for Application is Oct. 10, 2017.   The conference takes place at Breadloaf at Middlebury College May 17-20, 2018.

Here's the link: http://sites.middlebury.edu/neywc/how-to-apply/admissions-information/ 

Here's the info on that link:
The 2018 Conference fee is $375.00 per student which covers the cost of the conference as well as meals and housing for students during the conference.
Sep 27

Grammar Resources

People are more likely to hold onto grammar rules if they learned them in a fun, easy to comprehend way. Here are some fun and creative grammar resources.


The Yuniversity 
This website is a treasure trove. It has grammar rules covering punctuation, syntax, spelling, and more. They even have essay writing resources. Plus, they post SAT words everyday with easy to comprehend definitions and examples. The Yuniversity is extremely EASY to learn from and navigate — plus, each of their posts have weird and wacky animations, pictures, or even (gasp) memes to help people understand these writing rules in a fun way. 

Khan Academy
Sep 27

Editing Process

Editing and revising a piece can be one of the hardest parts of writing. Yet, it is one of the most important stages of writing. Here is a suggested process to help you organize yourself when editing. 

1. Read your piece to yourself to find big problems. 
       When editing, let yourself be the first set of eyes. ONLY look at big picture items. Things such as topic/theme consistency, relevancy, clarity, voice, tone, imagery, order, message, and length are often looked at in this stage. If you are writing a narrative, or if you have a person in your story, you'll often consider the person's voice or character consistency throughout. 
       This is the point where you will often cut sentences or paragraphs, change the order, rewrite entire sections of your piece, or change your wording to make your piece more clear. BIG things are happening.

2. Give your piece to a friend for feedback. 
Sep 27

Basic Grammar: Punctuation

Most people avoid learning about grammar like it's a 2:00pm test on a Friday. Yet, grammar is not only important for making your work polished and professional, but it's important in terms of comprehension as well. Here are five basic punctuation rules you should know. 
  1. The apostrophe. The common mistake people make with the apostrophe is that they use it to show that something is plural. The apostrophe should actual be used to show possession in a singular or plural situation. 
THE RULE: If the possession is singular, the apostrophe should be placed before the ‘s’ at the end of a word.