Sep 20


     When I was eight years old, my mind began to find loopholes to obsess over in everyday life. Some things would randomly freak me out, and some things would bore me to death. One night, as I was lying in bed, I was obsessing over the image of a pool ball rolling on the green carpet in my mind. I fell asleep eventually, and when I did, the image of the ball rolling was still in my mind, but it was rolling closer and getting larger and larger, but it never seemed to reach me, and sometimes it would get small again and start its journey closer towards me all over again. The green carpet turned into grass that was getting torn up by the ball. 
     When the ball was at its smallest, it was so quiet that the silence was almost deafening, taking over every corner of my mind. As it got larger and larger, quick tapping sounds would grow louder until it was shattering me from the inside... 
Sep 10

Weird Kind of Creepy Stories of things that Happened to Me... (Hopefully Frequently Updated...)

     When I was ten, me, my sister, my brother, and a couple friends were playing a game of capture the flag -inside our house. My brother and his friend had control of the upstairs, and me, my sister, and our friend were based downstairs. Now, we don't have doorknobs on most of our doors, just these weird latch-things that you lift up to open the door. So there was no built-in lock. But sometimes, we used clothes hangers to lock the door from the inside -as it could be only be done from the inside- by sliding the clothes hanger over the latch. If this was done, in order to get into the room without having someone let you in from the inside, you would have to break the clothes hanger by pushing on the door as hard as you could. (My mom wasn't a big fan of this method.)
     So in the middle of our game, all of us kids were called into the dining room for dinner. But when we resumed the game a little while later... 
Sep 09


     She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way. I decided that the moment I saw her. She looked at the world with interest and a tilt of her head, with a mingled look of nervousness and excitement. Her whole persona radiated purity. She would say things nervously, but relax as soon as the people around her accepted her words, almost like she wasn't used to talking to much of anyone. She was beautiful in the sort of way that made me cherish and love her, always wanting to be the one that made her smile. Inside and out, she was -is- beautiful.
Sep 05

I You Were to See Me...

     If you were to look at me, then you would see an awkward teenager with dyed green hair, most likely wearing a flannel or a hand-me-down hoodie, with black jeans and converse, despite the summer heat. Maybe you wouldn't have been able to determine my gender at first, or at all. You would have noticed that my clothes were crumpled and scentless, and that my face was free of any make-up except for my eyebrows, which would be filled in with a brown pencil. You might see me wearing a gray hat with a rainbow hat band on it, or a ski cap with a picture of a cat hanging the finger stitched onto it. My nails might be painted completely black, or have some black nail polish desperately clinging to the very tips of my fingernails. 
Aug 29

A Quick Question to those in Positions of Authority (SONG)

(A/N: my younger brother is doing the spoken word part.) 

"Now here's a little question for you all to try on for size... who put you in charge, huh?" 
The world is turning
And you can't stop it
Your act doesn't fool us anymore
So why don't you drop it?

And if the bridge breaks 
Then you will fall
So down falls the piggy
Money and all

"So listen, all of you! Yes, you! 
Things are gonna change around here!
Instead of war, you're gonna get
And instead of money, you're gonna get
Yes, you heart it right!"

The world is burning
And we can stop it
Your act doesn't fool us anymore
So who don't you drop it? 
Aug 26

Dear Henry...

          Dear Henry,
     I can't explain it, but I suddenly got the urge to write to you. I miss you terribly. Though you are only a few miles away, I know seeing you again will be difficult. But it will happen. Sometimes I worry that someone found out about... about the thing I did. But nobody has mentioned it to me...
     But I still can't sleep at night knowing someone's bound to find out someday. 
     Laurence won't leave me alone. He's gotten possibly even more horrible since you left. He keeps saying awful things about you behind his back. He knows he can get away with it, too. 
     Everyone else thinks I'm insane. They think that losing you was traumatizing for me, and that I need help. As in help help.  But even though I am a little sad that you left, I've just started looking forward to seeing you again, my love. But I won't dare say that to anyone. 
Aug 24

Speak her Heart (SONG)

If I could speak my mind
Like you could speak your heart
If I could say I tried
Then maybe we wouldn't be apart
If I could stay away
From the concept I called "golden pain"
Then maybe to this day
We wouldn't call it a game
Is the cost a tear?
Or is it a smile?
My words can reach her ears
But they won't reach her mind for a little while
If she could've kept her head
She just might have been someone instead
But she said what shouldn't have been said
And now she's...
If we would speak our minds
Like she could speak her heart 
If we really had tried
Then maybe she wouldn't have to depart
She could've stayed away
From the hearts that would give her pain
Then maybe to this day
I could call her name
Aug 13

Somewhere to be (SONG)

Aug 02

Another Song That Doesn't Have a Name Yet

Jul 31


     The boy walked up to the building, his toy elephant cradled in his arms. He didn't intend to go inside no, not at all. He didn't even know what -or who- was inside the building, after all. He just wanted to get a closer look at the strange sign that was posted on the door:
The boy scratched his head thoughtfully. Why would someone bother putting up a sign banning elephants from the building, when there was little to no chance that an elephant would even be in the vicinity of the building?
     The boy's curiosity suddenly started to grow, and what started as a little itch in the back of his mind became a big, fat curiosity rash. He needed to know what was inside the building, and more importantly, to know why the sign was on the door.
     He knocked once.
     No answer.
     He knocked twice.
     Still no answer.