Jul 29

Saturday, Sept. 8 at Clemmons Farm

Clemmons Family Farm & Young Writers Project present "To Sing of Common Things: The Voices of Young People in 2018"
Next event in the series: Sept. 8, 3-4:30 pm
Featured artists: Rivan Calderin & Asha Ganguly-Hickok
Location: Clemmons Family Farm, 2122 Greenbush Road, Charlotte, VT
Our partner, RETN (Regional Educational Television Network), filmed the first two events in the series featuring Muslim Girls Making Change. See them here: Hawa Adam & Balkisa Abdikadir; and Lena Ginawi & Kiran Waqar.
Jul 27

Poetry at the Flynn

Jul 23

A writer's request

Any drummers and bass players out there? We came across this plea from Rubber Soul: Hi peoples! As some of you already might know, I sometimes post songs onto YWP. I'm looking for someone who could add to them with drums, and someone who could add to them with bass.  So could some people send me a video/recording (but preferably video) of themselves playing the drums/bass? (Kind of as an audition, I guess.) Thank you! :)​ - Rubber Soul

Jul 19

MGMC Accept NEA Award

Congratulations, Muslim Girls Making Change, recipients of the National Education Association's SuAnne Big Crow Memorial Award for promoting human and civil rights! MGMC -- Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, Balkisa Omar and Kiran Waqar -- travelled to Minneapolis this month to receive the award and to perform one of their most compelling pieces. MGMC got their start at a Young Writers Project slam two years ago and have been mentored by YWP coaches Rajnii Eddins and Denise Casey. Big, big congratulations to Hawa, Lena, Balkisa and Kiran from all of us at Young Writers Project!
[Video produced by Christine Cosenze, National Education Association]
Jul 02

A summer project

Jun 25

Summer of Stories 2018 is just one week away!

Each year, YWP engages in some storytelling, poetry and frivolity over the summer to keep your writing chops going. We have lots of prizes, fame, support and companionship! TELL FRIENDS.

We'll have two things for you this summer, SOS18:
  • SUMMER OF STORIES DAILY CHALLENGES. Whoa. These have been thought up by some of your compadres. Some are thorny. Some are wacky. Make all of them fun!
  • AND, drumroll please  A special, in-depth short-story Workshop that'll last as long or as short as you want.
This Summer of Stories Extravaganza kicks off June 25! Don't miss it. Write til you drop! Chocolate to best commenters, most prolific writers, zaniest pieces, and other categories we'll think up as we go along. (Suggestions, recommendations ALWAYS welcome.) Other prizes, too.

Does the SHORT STORY WORKSHOP led by YWP Mentor Eliza Mager appeal? (A six-part online course in short story writing that will lead a piece of writing that will amaze your friends, impress your elders and most certainly set you on the road to stardom!) Well get this: Spaces for Eliza's course are limited! Don't Dawdle. (And don't worry; no grades -- though you could possibly do enough to get credit in high school -- and while challenging, fun, too!) More info and signup here!

And remember, whether you choose the workshop, respond to challenges or follow your own muse, use a hashtag on everything you create: #SOS18

Your pals,

SR, SR (SO confusing, first one is  YWP Director SUSAN REID; second one is Intern Extraordinaire SHANNON RIPP) and AF (Anna Forsythe our Jill of All Trades.)

[Photo credit: Kevin Huang]
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Power of Commenting