Sep 08
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Silent Gold

Three birds, a tree, a winter day
One without song, one without say

The first had no song, no way to express
That feeling that troubled, that thing of unrest

The next had a song, but no reason to sing
And there in that tree reason was king

The third bird will always remain an unknown
Why didn't the little bird let loose its notes?

Perhaps it was simply awaiting the time
When its voice could be heard without a false chime

Not wasting its breath, it knew well its want
An audience maybe, or a bigger part?

Or perhaps the bird knew that silence was gold
For its message of patience, no song could have told

Aug 24

A Walk in the Woods


The ferns are dappled with golden light from the rapidly setting sun. The sky's a deep crimson, inky blue smeared across the cavernous sky. The sun sets in a pool of gold, spilling light across the  leaves. The clouds are stretched thin, with the trails of rosy salmon pink wisps following close behind. All around me trees loom above; reaching towards the sky, stretching their aching, gnarled limbs. Their aging frames groan in protest. Amber light filters through the top branches, creating a comforting glow and contorting the shadows. The trees are dark against the golden light. I can see rays of sun drifting lazily through them, creating patches of light strewn casually over the moss and leaves. Particles of dust are illuminated in the semi-darkness, shining like stars.
Aug 24
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Come Along

Aug 07

Essex High School Photos

At Essex High School, teacher Wendy James guides students to look around and focus on what they see and experience, to tell stories through photography. The students produce consistently compelling photos. Wendy always remembers to take the next step that is so important. She gathers up the students' photos and sends the best to Young Writers Project to be published. And they are -- in The Voice and the newspaper series. Send us yours! Submit on your ywp account or contact Susan Reid at [email protected].