Nov 04

The Saint of Salem

People are cruel.
People are violent.
In a blizzard,
I meet the tyrant.

She stands tall.
She stands straight.
I met her
at hell's open gate.

Her hands on
her body's dips,
my blood
upon her arched lip.

She told lies.
She told me
that death
was a squealing glee.

It was piggish
but truly gentle
and I will enter
its giddy open kennel. 

I pleaded mercy
from her judgement,
and dare I
admit my bowed lament.

She handed me
the bluest bane
and soon,
my dearest wish came.

A taller martyr,
a saint in Salem,
with words
said solely in caelum.

I raised myself,
awakened a sense,
that relieved
my crooked mind so tense.

I saw an abyss.
I saw a blackness.
My hand
couldn't lift this
nothing to procure
Nov 01


I lost it a nine years ago,
but you brought it back.
It was floating in water,
but you brought it back.
It was burned to ash,
but you brought it back.

You, above all people-
you, above all things-
brought it back.

I don't know how or when
but you did it.
How do I brush it off when
it all just settled?
How does a lifetime take
so long to start?

I lost the glory in everything
and you presented
the most glorious thing of all.
You didn't even look,
you just showed me the world
in all its disturbed
and tiredless, sleepless imagery.
That was all it took
to bring the world back to me.

I never lost it after all.
Oct 26

Going Alone

The mist is moving.
My legs walk through.
They disappear beneath me
and I become a phantom.
I stop to look over
my stiff shoulder.
I see the horizon in waves
darkening as I go further.
My hand is cold
as I move along.
It's the first thing that died
when I abandoned my life.
I lost my heart
in the snow.
I tried to find it but it's gone.
I can't weep because it's gone.
I lost my life
in the storm.
There's nothing here to keep me
and my hand beside me warm.
There's nothing left
to grasp onto.
Reaching through heavy mist,
I'm touching the reaper's cloak.
The sweetness
of a rotting world
rolls off of his tongue and onto
the waves of mist that I breathe.
With this hand
and this heart,
death has veiled my crown.
Forbid and forgive this body.
I have long
given into him.
Oct 05
poem 1 comment challenge: Winter/18

The Season of Night

The world is darker in winter.
The wind begins to bite.
It no longer runs its fingers
across my warm cheeks.
It pinches them with its cold
and frozen hands, dead
like a corpse that whispers.
White little flakes melt
and spot my black mascara.
They make tears feel
nice and comfortably warm.
Their intricate patterns
beyond naked hazel eyes
break from up close.
Lips blow mists as shoulders
lift and fall and relax.
Scarves curl up like cats on
tense and cold necks.
The sky is cloudy and heavy
with frozen white mist.
Coughs are sent into elbows
and pink watercolors
brush cold noses and cheeks.
The night prevails in
darker skies and a single star.
The bells and voices
of a choir in carol sing along.
"Hark how the bells!
Sweet silver bells!" and all
grows quiet as winds
moan the carols of the dead.
Sep 30

Ghost Thoughts

I woke up with sweat spotting my temples. I was gasping for air, but the room was devoid of it. The terrible nightmare that I had endured was over, but the scariest part was yet to come. My feet were cold as they had always been. My hands felt like chistled ice. My body felt like it was hours dead and stiff joints poked at my sides. I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw a white face like a ghost looking in on itself. My eyes were lined with quarter moons -dark as they were. They felt bruised and puffy, but they were just fine. Legs exhausted, I shuffled towards the medicine cabinet to take numbing drops for my throat. As I let the pain numb down, I coughed and yacked and my stomach squeezed.
Sep 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait

Pale Grey and Blue

Paler than the moon,
almost like death,
but better.

Beach blond hair,
not quite straight,
but close.

Spots on your face,
but what's a moon,
without stars?

Tall and sort of lean,
but not too lean,
just right.

Sweatshirts and oh yes,
the headphones.

I always seem to notice,
the grey eyes,
but blue.

And they're always lost,
in thought or,

They wrinkle in laughter,
and darken when,

A sort of anti-social,
but assuring,
Sep 26

Black Flies

I saw them,
outside my window,
outside my door,
out on the patio;
tiny bodies
rising in a chorus,
out of harmony,
out of tune,
out of line.

I saw them,
beneath the bed,
beneath the rug,
behind the TV,
little things,
breaking everything
on the walls,
on the shelves,
on the tables.

I saw them,
around my legs,
around my arms,
around my head,
angry things,
sucking the air out,
of this house,
of this room,
of these lungs.

Today, I saw black flies.
The storm brews,
the cat growls,
the day is night,
the sun is dark.
Where has it gone?
I am blind.

There is a black blindfold
around my head
and I walk like a zombie
out of the house,
into the night,
beneath the black sky-
the sky of death.
There's a whole swarm
Sep 21

On A Monday

I can't remember June.
There was an instance
of laughter
and love
that found me,
on a Monday.

Was it a Wednesday?
I can't quite recall.
I can't
to remember
it all.
On a Monday.

Yes, on a Monday
it was. I was grateful
to be
alive and well,
but low
that dreadful Monday. 

There was no work to be done,
no school to attend,
but in the end,
the very
last hour,
I slumped
and cried
on that horrible Monday.

I thought of how once I was
so happy and lively.
My innocence,
a thing
of present
and beautiful future.
I lost it
on a Thursday
when I was eight
and happy.
That horrible Thursday.

Mondays are for groaning,
the day's work ahead,
but that Monday
was for mourning
my life
my spirit
my smiling,
Sep 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Almost


The scene in front of her
was almost perfect.
Her lips were pursed,
pink and flourishing,
saying things,
that tasted like candy
and powdered sugar
on her tongue.
It was almost perfect,
the sound.
It was a noise
that signified perfection,
but that sound,
never came
when mascara
ran down her beautiful,
almost smiling,
almost perfect,
Her heel turned.
She faced her,
the tears running,
her lips quivering,
pursed and pink and
The wind was silent,
almost deadly
as the distance
gaped. Gaps
never close
when blushing,
beautiful people,
who have been told
their whole lives
that they are,
turn pale,
eyes puffy,
and never see
the beauty in
Sep 19

While She's Here

She is the in-between
of heaven
and hell,
a devil
and angel
without horns
or halo.
Her wings are black,
but soaring
and opening
in love.
She is a queen dethroned,
her crown
tossed and
without even
a ceremony
or coronation.
Her skin is soft as silk,
in layers
her lovely flesh.
I was on her shoulders,
high and
low again,
yet I am,
once again,
on her back,
and she will never know
that someone
like myself
sees her
and smiles.
Please, give me this.
Allow me
to love
again just
for a while.
While she's here.
I'm afraid,
of our parting.
I'm afraid,
to love,
but I want
this feeling
to last for as long
as life