Aug 06
poem 2 comments challenge: Left Out

The People I'd Rather Not Be

The people who know what to say.
The people who say what they mean every time.
The people who talk, talk behind others backs--it makes them cool.
The people who are loved by everyone.
The people who get the inside jokes.
The people who want to be in the circle,
and The people who are...

I am not these people.
When everyone's talking,
I'm not.
I'm listening,
until I say something.
And then those people go quiet.
You could hear a pin drop.
Because what I say is not what they want to hear.
They want the funny.
The teasing.
The flirting.
They want the right thing every time.
But I'm not those people.
I don't have the right words to give...
But then, they smirk.
Almost turn away,
but not quite.
Inviting me in, kinda.
Almost daring me to make a comment again.
Just so they can smirk at me.
Jul 31

Origami Wolf

I saw your eyes first.
You had a little bit of grey behind them.
Your eyebrows strung together,
And your forehead knit itself into a scarf.
I think it would be orange.

You said
“This is for me?”
As if you were surprised
That someone would take the
Time to make something for you.


I said “yes it’s for you (silly)”
Your scarf unraveled quite quickly.
You kinda bit your lip
Before you smiled.
It was a small smile.
It was only a tiny bit of light let
Through the blinds.
Jul 30

A List Of Wishes

I wish I knew how to say more.
I wish I could say more.

I wish if I said more it wouldn’t end how I know it will.
I wish I could say the things I’m thinking.

I wish that you knew.
I wish there could be more than I’m saying.

I wish I could tell.
I wish things were different.

Oh I wish, I wish, I wish...
Jun 09

Looking Forward

Today marks the almost end of 7th grade.
After tomorrow, I have 4 more days left
the way things are.
Of lunchroom conversations
that could have us "put in asylums"
or could be told in dimly lit rooms near midnight--sleeping bags.
Things I might not remember in 5, 10, 20 years--but the people I shared it with.
I won't have this exactly the same ever again.
Of classes with the people I've come to know.
The ones that raise their hands knowing the answer.
The ones raising their hands that don't.
The ones who don't raise their hands because they're afraid to get it wrong.
The ones that don't raise their hands because they're still stuck in their book.
Things I might not remember in 5, 10, 20 years--but the people I shared it with.
I won't have this exactly the same ever again.
Of band.
How I get a nervous pit in my stomach the moment I walk in.
May 27


May 14

Beginning and End--Maybe

“No, Mommy--”

“Honey, sometimes in life we have to move on. Your daddy did and I miss him every day, but it’s these things that make us stronger…” the mother's voice fades as she draws another ragged breath. Neither can stop the tears from falling.

“Ads… I will always love you, never forget that, please never forget me...” Realizing her last moments are close, the mother makes a final sacrifice, leaving her daughter with a clue to who she really is.

“If you are ever in need look to the stars…” the small girl glances up at the blurred pinpricks of light, and when she looks back her mother is gone--along with the only life she has ever known.
May 10
poem 0 comments challenge: Three


Apr 29

Fun facts and trivia

Did you know...?
That more men named John hold a job
as a CEO,
than all the women that hold that same position?

So afraid of the success women will have
that they aren't even hired.

Did you know...?
That more men named James hold a job
as a CEO,
than all the women that hold that same position?

Not one but two fractions of men are larger
than all of the women.

That is awful.

We aren't being fair.
That's simply what it comes down to.

We are being close-minded and afraid
We are thinking from the past and not of the future
We are shunning the talent for prejudice

We gave women rights.
Rights that we are no longer honoring.

Women can't feel safe walking down the street
because what if...
A dark bedroom that they were stuffed into.

And what about the wage gap?