Dec 05

Our Choices

“what is life?
they say it's from b to d
from birth to death,
but what's between b and d?
it's a “c”, so what is a c...”

we are taught to
but then
we are told to

we are taught to
but then
we are told to
act--now, right now

we are taught to
but then
we are told to

we are taught to
but then
we are told to

we are taught to
but then
we are told to
move on

we are taught to
but then
we are told to

we are taught to
try again
but then
we are told to
find something better

we are taught to
but then
we are told to

“ is a choice…”
~ anonymous
Nov 30

Small World

Micheal's running away from the orphanage--again. But this time it's different. He will not be caught. All that he has is his sneakers, his clothes, and the little plastic panda Kued gave him. She's the only one he'll miss. He blinks away images of five years old eyes and he runs hurridly down the crowded Berlin street...

Kimberly Edwards blinks in the San Fransico sunshine streaming in her bedroom window. She tastes paper. Spitting, she glanced down and sees last nights book covering the bottom half of her face. She sits up in bed and rubs her eyes. "Today is a new day. Today is a new day. Today is a new day," she quietly repeats to herself as she throws the covers off the start her day...
Nov 30

The Voice

You feel the tug at first in your stomach.
Small easy to ignore--but you want to swim.
You cross the perfect white sand of the small Caribbean island. Your toe touches the water.
The tug--which you try to push away--becomes much stronger.
It seems to pull you in.
You tell yourself it’s nothing, that you're still in control.
You’re very wrong.
You begin swimming out.
Much farther than you would normally go.
You keep telling yourself you’re having fun, but you can just make out the small voice in the back of your head telling you to turn back.
The louder one--the new one--tells you to keep swimming, so you do.
Suddenly you decide you want to dive.
Down you go.
The water gets murkier, darker.
Your lungs begin to call for air, but down farther you go, listening to the new voice in your head.
Finally, the new voice quiets.
You come to your own senses.
Your lungs begin to scream for air.
Nov 30

i hope for tommorrowland

i hope for tomorrowland.
a place where no one is judged.
a place where no one has to die fighting for something they don't believe in.

i hope for tomorrowland.
a place where everyone is proud to be unique.
a place where aid is close.

i hope for tomorrowland.
a place where everyone is accepted and valued.
a place where the government is stable.

i hope for tomorrowland.
a place where everyone has access to everything they need.
a place where everyone gets the same rights.

i hope for tomorrowland
a place where a boy doesn't have to hide in a shell.
a place where a girl’s work is valued.

i hope for tomorrowland.
a place where the planet’s temperature does not rise.
a place where people care for one another.

i hope for tomorrowland.
A place where everyone, anyone, everything, and anything is safe.
...a place maybe a little less like today.

Nov 29


when i was little my parents told me that my tears were salty
and to stop crying because they might run out

now tears are the way i remember what
there is to truly cry about

now tears are the way i tell myself
to keep fighting, even if it hurts

now tears are the way to show that
i believe in something
Nov 29

Because of You

we stayed up late
later than normal
later than we should
to watch

the race had been going on for a year
but this was
all that mattered
this was the only decision

we wanted to stay later
we pleaded with our parents
to let us watch
just a little longer

but of course
they held strong
to their
earlier rule

we went to bed with
hope and despiration in our
eyes and
in our hearts

I woke up early the next morning
on my own accord
it took me a minute to remember
last night

i rushed down the stairs
to mom
and asked her what had happened
she only started to cry

becuase of you

someone who gadly kills
an endangered species
it's what your sons' want

someone who hurts
someone else
to stand taller

someone who
boasts about
Nov 28

Music Is...

the strum of my guitar
in tune or not
around a crackling fire
with family and friends

messing up with
the saxophone
because I'm trying
too hard not to laugh during band

too many friends in a hammock
at camp
playing the ukulele and singing
at the top of my lungs

dad downstairs
singing the songs I don't like
beautifully too loud
as I close my eyes to sleep

blasting "Hamilton" (swears and all)
and Taylor Swift
in the car
and knowing all the words

plunking out
that my fingers don't yet understand on
the piano

me and her in third grade
with a mic, confidence
and "Let It Go" being
sung poorly and off key

bliss and freedom
expression and originality
giggles and understanding
Nov 28

Puerto Rico

they said to leave
they said to flee
so you ran
away from the storm

some couldn't
others wouldn't
but the storm was still

and all paid dearly for it

with the fear written on their faces
for what they knew
would come
they watched from windows

as the winds and the rain and the thunder
of a hurricane
that was sent from nightmares
came upon them

all noise ceased--then the storm began

first, it was wind
a gale
so strong
it could wrench you off your feet

with the wind came rain, that got worse
and worse
and worse
and it felt like it would never end

the storm intensified

the sea cried out in agony
as it slammed against
the rocks
as a hammer beats an anvil

trees shivered
then bent, then fell
and were hurled about by the storm
into the air
Nov 27
poem, fiction 2 comments challenge: Loss


I wake in a cold sweat
It's been three years since...

I can still see her,
she just couldn't see what was to come.

The ocean stretched before her
below her
off the sheer drop of the cliff.

I feel the warm, wet drops
dripping down my face before
I know I'm crying...

We all called, warning her,
hoping she could hear,
but we knew the crash of the waves

had sealed

The frisbee went first,
over the edge.
Her momentum carried her to follow.

To fast,
to far,
it was a number of things.

I could see the terror,
and sorrow,
and confusion

in her eyes, as she teetered there on the edge
of the cliff,
clinging to the end.

and then

We were all rushing to her,
but we were all
too late--
Nov 27


Red is the color of love and war.
Red is the color of boiling anger.
Red is the color of the pain you are willing to endure.
Red is the color of a bright splash marring the clean page.
Red is the color of blood lost fighting for a cause that you believe in.

Orange is the color of endless possibilities.
Orange is the color of anticipation.
Orange is the color of a crackling fire in the grate keeping you warm through the night.
Orange is the color of some ukulele strumming out a summer camp melody.
Orange is the color of goofing off with friends.

Yellow is the color of a shy smile.
Yellow is the color of pride.
Yellow is the color of adrenaline
Yellow is the color of a soft glow of hope.
Yellow is the color of a full house standing ovation.

Green is the color of luck and life.
Green is the color of endless summer fields stretching out as far as the eye can see.