Jul 13

they/them: The Way They Speak

they speak in poetry.
their first word was "revolution";
can you believe it?
each sentence they speak—
passionate sonnets,
each word has to be soaked
in intellectual meaning
(they're also very smart too).
they also speak in couplets
two line of a verse that rhyme;
sarcasm, maybe.
haikus are a whole other language,
every time they open their mouth
they make unintentionally beautiful patterns.
each ballad,
and epitaph they utter,
could make a book,
a novel
of poetry.
Jun 17

You Don't Belong To Anyone

Jun 11

Her: A Three Part Haiku

Jun 11

A Poem For The Girl Who Needs It

This poem is for the girl needs it.
To the girl who cries at night,
whispering her sorrows to the stars;
stitching a new smile for the next day.
Your bravery deserves a medal.

This poem is for the girl who feels numb.
To the girl who hurts to feel,
depression and hopelessness weighing her down;
making her think, "why even bother?"
You are strong, and I believe these moments pass
like each rippling wave.

for each girl who needs this,
you are important,
you are loved
you are not alone.
Jun 11

Our Differences

Jun 11


Some people walk through art galleries with

their eyes closed

and some people,

touch the art when they're not supposed to

and some people take art

to reduce it to its value

instead of seeing how beautiful it is.


my love,

just know that I’m

taking in every inch of your beauty


and know that

you are art.

every curve, dimple, and freckle is a part of a


And if other people can’t see that

then they’re blind.

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Jun 11

A Series Of Gathas (or why I fell in love in the first place)

When the bright sun sets

I promise you and the earth

To appreciate every part of you

whether other people find you beautiful or not

When the day turns to dusk

I pledge to you and moon

To love your dark side

because Lord knows we all have one

Whenever the night falls (and the sky darkens)

I vow to the red roses on your dress

To have and to hold you, for better or worse

in sickness and in health, until death do us apart
Jun 11


Send that text,

wear that dress,

go to that party,



forgive them,

or don’t,

throw a chair,

put your hair in pigtails,

love him,

love her,


love them both;

life goes on and doesn’t stop for these trivial things

so be yourself, don’t be afraid.
because in the end,

we’re all living on a floating rock

in outer space



the sun doesn’t blow up too soon.

Jun 11

Good Things

Good things don’t come in threes.


good things come in waves,

on a windy day

playing hard to get with the shore.

Other times,

good things come daily,

rasing with the sun and setting when the day has ended.

And most times,

good things don’t come at all,

leaving you without hope;

a void.


if you’re lucky,

your good thing can have a pulse.
Jun 11

Things That I Wish I Saw More (or a list of the things I see in summer)


the sun;

sunny days,

smiling faces,

sticky hands,

from ice cream of course.

Pretty flowers,



that marshmallow chocolatey goodness,

rippling waves,

candy corn,

hot chocolate,


Hungry birds,

soft sand,


with your soft hands and hungry eyes,

ready for an adventure.

Red, the color of blood coursing through my veins,

the same color of your lips,

curled into a smile,

laughing and pointing at each discovery we make

in summer.