Aug 01


When you are above the clouds 

The world is just 


The dark above

The gray beneath

And you are floating


But then you sink lower

And everything fades

Except a faint glimmer of stars and city lights 

Reminding you of a world beneath 

and above

But then you sink lower

And a crystal city shimmers with a million lights

But then you sink lower

And the wheels touch the ground 

And everything feels heavy 


And you start to miss flying
Jul 02

Smoke birds

I sit on green grass, staring up at the sky. My friend lies with her head on my lap, looking at me, the road, everything. I am thinking and watching.  The fireworks begin, bright bursts explode out words, illuminating the almost dark sky. I watch, captivated, but attention not quite focused on the explosions in the sky. I wonder why my attention isn’t kept by the fireworks. As they continue, I start to notice. After they have exploded, and all the light from them is gone from the sky, a dark shape, made of smoke, can be seen.  As I continue to study the shapes, I realize that they are birds. Smoke birds, flapping and fading into the everlasting night. I see smoke-crows flap their black wings and fly across the sky. Each one is different and yet they are all the same somehow, as if they come from the same firework den. They linger, floating towards us, before disappearing into memory.
Jun 22

Come home

Come home to me
let your long legs carry you
past the men with hate
tatooed on their bodies
walk faster
my dear
and avoid the folk
who shout at you
because you are a women
Come home to me
let the street lights light your way
and the sea of a crowd rush you
past the man who would pull you in
worry not
my friend
for today you are safe
today you will come home to me
for today you are 4\5
Jun 22

The little things

The little things
you’ll forget in a day
like the flap of a wing
as a bird flies away
like the tapping of keys
and the buzzing of bees
and the sun as it rises
the dawn of a day
The tiny things
that matter so much
like the pant of a dog
or a mother’s sweet touch
like the wind through the trees
and sugar cookies
and the cute little bunnies
inside of their hutch
The important things
that you’ll never see
may not matter to you
but the matter to me
Jun 22


What is happy?
right now it seems
that happy
is a like or comment
is blissful ignorance
is a new phone
happy is a $1000
pair of sneakers
happy is cool
is the kid with a Gucci hat
happy is money
Happy is fame
What is happy?
when you can’t 
afford to spend 1000 dollars
on shoes
when you don’t 
follow trends
when you aren’t 
the popular one
What is happy?
is happy looking at the stars
a dog licking your face
the taste of ​marshmallow 
still coating your mouth
knowing that tomorrow this will 
all just be a poem
Can you hold happy?
like a shoe
or phone 
or purse
or hand
Can you shape happy?
like clay
or words
Is happy visible?
like a smile
or a painting
 or a book
What is happy?
Where do I find it?
May 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Last

Last Chance

“This is your last chance”
this as in now, standing here in a ruined dress
your as in my last chance, me as in myself, worn slippers, dirty hair and all
last meaning no more after this, only now, standing in a room full of people who wish me dead
chance, like luck, saying maybe I won’t die from the beast I must face
This is my last chance
Dec 27

Down Side Up

They had always been there, just below the surface, Upside Down. But one day, something happened. The floors started to shake and turn, and suddenly, they were flipped. The adults, having never fathomed that there could be another direction to live in, were shocked. But the children, with their open minds, started wondering, what if there were others, ones who had always lived  Downside down and Upside Up. Not like them, but still, alike. Of course, they never found the others, and we never wondered who was Downside Up.
Dec 24

The Single Pin

The single pin
I sit in a row with the others
They laugh
pointing out 
that I am red
like I don’t know
But it’s not about being the red
pin in a sea of yellow
or about me at all
It is about being alone
if you hadn’t noticed
I'm not
Just one pin away
lies a green pin
so we can be
without being Alone
Dec 24

The Dreams She Dreampt

I open my lazy brown eyes and flick my long black tail. My people are talking about something or other. All I can think about is the dreams I dreamt. I shift my ears and remember. 

I was running, chasing after a bird, it’s feathers like the dawn of a new day, it’s eyes like a cool summer night. Just as I had thought I caught it it spoke. Remember me, I knew that voice. That was the soft howl and bark of my best friend. My people were talking about him. He had to be ‘put down’, now, I know what that means. It slowly changes into him and I try to catch him but, I am too late.

The second dream was different, more of a memory, but not all mine.
Dec 18


I drift
on a poem of wind
its verses glowing bright
one of many
but then again
Aren’t we all?
does it matter
where I’m from
how brightly I shine 
if I can make
someone’s life brighter
On my own
do I make a difference?
I am one of many
One spec of light in a street lamp
if every light spec quit because they
could not see the difference
they were making
on their own
we would live in darkness