Aug 31


Aug 30


deleting every rough draft.
crossing out sentences.
coming up with names and places and backstories but nothing new.

why is this my talent?
why am i not a whizz at math?
i could've been a star athelete.

my plight isn't just mine.
so many people, destined to write, exist.
they, too, may suffer.

but isn't a talent like this just being able to use words?
i can describe a flowing stream, a falling sky, a whispering voice in the trees.
so why can't i so eloquently solve geometry?

is this a blessing or a curse?
i'll know in the future.
at least, i hope to.
Aug 28

The Future

Will my headaches keep returning when school starts?
Will classes keep being stressful?
Will my friends be faithful?

Oh, I want this year to go by quickly.

I want to sleep my days away,
ignoring my classmates
and their drama.

But I can't, can I.

No, not with the cutting, 
the tears,
the exams and tests.

I'm so very sorry.
Aug 21

Plan for Stockton/Avarice Feud

i dunno what else to call this story, so the s/a feud is going to have to do.

Everything written here is based off this post.

So. As I'm thinking so far, the story will open with Claire's anguished "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" as her mother reads aloud the fact that the two schools are merging. She then tells Angeline, who hadn't yet known. Claire spends the night at her house as they plan on what exactly they're going to do.

Meanwhile, Maude doesn't really care. She's busy working on summer homework that she put off til the last minute. She knows but doesn't care too much about the S/A rivalry. School is in a week or so by now.
Aug 21
poem 0 comments challenge: Grades


If grades showed exactly what we'd learned, there wouldn't be a need for cheating, would there?

No need for students to write between their fingers,
No need for students to 'drop' scraps of paper on the floor,
No need for hidden phones and pictures.

We should've memorized equations, right?
Know them from memory. 
Know how to apply them.

If classes are so needed,
then why do students forget
what they've learned as soon as
they leave the room?

Getting above some number
Shouldn't cause me
Or any of my classmates
stress or anxiety.

i don't want to come to school
only to excuse myself to the bathroom
because i need to wipe away tears
a failed test caused.

I also suggest looking at Boyinaband's video - Don't Stay In School
Aug 20

Story Idea (Help please!)

this is a kind of complicated idea, so any help is appreciated.

So, basically, there are two rival schools. Originally they were called Stockton and Avarice, but I'm not sure if I'll change the names yet.

Anyway, due to budget cuts, the schools have to merge. Thing is, the students HATE each other despite their respectively small populations. It's usually light harassment, but sometimes it gets bad. And I mean bad.

Nonetheless, the schools merge. Stockton-Avarice boasts a yearly musical, Homecoming Games, dances, the usual for a highschool. The musical has two teachers to help mitigate the students, one from Stockton and one from Avarice. They're trying to help ease relations in the school and decide to do a musical where the four main characters are on two different sides.
Aug 17

Monarch Cat

Aug 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Three


Aug 15

How to Write a Story

this is a draft. help would be appreciated - sources to use, general tips for my writing.
this is a speech i need to do for AP Language and Composition.
    How to Write a Story