Jul 07


The monsters are always watching from their nooks and crannies, their peering eyes staring right through me, paralyzing my every nerve. No matter how hard I close the closet door, they look out from the cracks. Staring at me, staring at everything around me. 
Their eyes are the color of smoke, the explosion that had scarred me so horribly, and my little girl's eyes. They are the black of night, the color of burnt flesh, the color of the stars. I had named them all.
Jesse's eyes are almost always closed, only opening in the dead of night.
Flame is always moving, always fixated on me. I could see each of its seven eyes when I awoke to scream from another nightmare.
Claire's are the ones that haunt me the most, the eyes of my daughter. They always seem to be crying.
Dusk is barely noticeable from the darkness, constantly moving and covering the window and the moonlight. It scares me the most.
Jul 06


"Your hair is so pretty,"
he said to me,
his voice flowing like honey

i had no choice but to
smile and embrace him
underneath that shining moon

oh, i loved him so
his goofy grin, his eyes
so like chocolate

he was always there for me
strong, brave
and always sacrificing

i did not deserve someone like that
someone who treated me like a king
so i killed him. 

i remember his face, splattered with red
as he whispered
"It's not your fault."

i was alone again
but this time
it was my choice to be

what a monster i am.
Jul 06
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A Robin

Jul 06
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My friend, the robot

I'd be scared if I got along well with my best friend, only to find that they're an AI. What if they were tailored to suit me, to get close? I'd be afraid they did so because someone wanted me dead. I read Willful Machines by Tim Floreens and that's what the premise for the book is. Great story by the way, I hope the sequel comes out soon.

If an AI was my best friend, I'd be scared but also intrigued - how long had someone worked to make a machine to befriend me? Am I that important?
I'd think the world would be threatened if it became possible to lower someone's guard with an AI. THey could be used to take out high-profile targets. Espionage. Suicide bombers. 
Amazing idea, but every coin has two sides. I'd love a friend that I can't help but adore, but at the threat of being murdered should my friend be hacked? No thank you.
Jul 05


Jul 05

Our Responsibility

My idea of justice is equal opportunities for all. No one person is different than the next, and everyone should be treated as such. A man and a woman are equal and should always be considered so. Regardless of race, creed, or sex, everyone is entitled to being treated like they are a human being. That should not be an object of contention. The only place it should be is in the court of law for crimes against humanity. If you sink lower than low, prove you're not worthy to be called a human being, again and again, then only mercy can save you if you've hit rock bottom and kept digging.

Jul 05


Jul 05

Decision Time - The Wildlands

mostly serious tone with some sorrow-filled times. some friendly encounters but should more aptly describe the harshness of life on the Plains.

end goal doesn't come around to full fruition until the refugees arrive from the Jeso, Tribunai, etc. Starts as hate for the Kaso in Meche and Crysto, and to an extension Matt.

middling pace. fast in some parts, slower in others. Fast in Lune's execution, slow during decision making. Fast in battle sequences but slower during more tender moments. Altogether timeskip after Meche's rape. Slow to special moments?

POV changes between the main 5. Writes in first person for the one that's recounting the events into Lomone''s journal. After a certain point, forget the journal and dive straight into the action. Especially for battle sequences, no one's going to write how blood splattered.
Jul 04


this is a blurb with my two characters, julio and ravilo. julio is a half-cat, so that's why he has a tail.
sorry about writing about them so much, i just love my sons

He'd poked his eye again with the stupid pen.
"You've got to be kidding me!" Julio sighed loudly, looking at himself in the mirror. His eyes looked horrendous - black dripping down his face, eyes red and swollen with tears, those same tears cutting tracts through the ink. He let the pen drop onto the bathroom counter, not caring that the white was now splattered with black.
He took a makeup-remover wipe from the mini shelf next to him and wiped his failures away. "I should have asked Kjaje," he murmured as he cleaned his face and then the counter. He dried off with a towel before starting again.
"Steady..steady.." He repeated the mantra over and over again as he ran the felt-tip across his eyelid. "Almost.."

Jul 04
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