Oct 21

When I was young

When I was young,
Snow didn't fall,
And I fell down when the wind blew.
When I was young,
Nothing was complicated,
It was a world of yes or no,
No in between answers that make people frustrated or confused,
It was all simple.
And then even if we were mad,
We couldn't stay mad for long.
It was a blocked and censored life in the best way.
But then drama insued and we moved and moved.
And moved and moved and moved.
And then everything was fine agian. 
But things were changing,
And I started to realize how much trouble existed in the world.
And things were sad.
But it was still okay because I was young and so everything was fine.
Oct 18

And Here's to His Life: A Tribute to My Friend's Kitten Who Just Died

Although I never met him,
He meant a lot to her.
The kitten that brightened her day.
She would talk to that kitten,
She loved him.
That means he meant a lot to me.
And now he's gone, because he ate decon,
Because some jerk,
Put it on,
Her porch.
He was only a kitten,
But he was still a kitten,
And he deserved to live.
He will sit in a kitten palace,
With kitten things,
And be a kitten for ever.
Maybe he still has some of his nine lives left,
So he will be reborn,
A new cat,
Or maybe a human.
Maybe we will meet him and something will seem farmilliar.
And we will be friends.
But for now,
Here is to this kitten, 
Who should have lived.
Sep 12

Deep Thoughts

Millons of people do great things every day. 
Why are just a few recognized publicly?
Great people have been celebrated when they die,
But other people still die,
And they are still not recognized.
Other things are thought of as more important,
But why are we created equal if we still have priorities?
If nobody ever disagreed would there really be peace on earth?
Or would it just be a big mob of sameness.
If we should be individual when we are thought of as ridiculous because we aren't the same as everyone else?
Why does the sun rise each morning?
What is it's obligation and who told it to rise?
Why is yesterday considered recent when what's really recent is the things that happened five seconds ago?
What would happen if I talk like this all the time, 
With deep questions that led to deeper answers?
You wouldn't listen.
Sep 05


Sep 05


Get your hoodies,
Now we all hide.
Grab your phone,
Hide again.
You post things on Instagram,
Snapchat, All of it.
But nobody knows you,
Your still just hiding.
Publish books and songs and make the fist teleporter.
If you do it by your secluded self.
Your still hiding.
So now we all hide and hope somebody finds us.
But we don't try to change.
Sep 05


Going in,
Seeing all new faces.
I only know two people.
New routine,
New music.
New rhythms for my heart to follow.
It's hard,
I'm used to being the best,
But this year is for improvement.
This year is for trying new things and making new friends.
I trip,
Mess up.
My face is red and I fell like I'm gonna cry.
I want to be the best,
I need be the best.
It's how I role,
And it's really gonna take nerves.
All of em.
Aug 31


Happy is a little lamb, running in the breeze.

Happy is a flower blossom, waving gently.

Happy is a baby girl, with little curls of red.

Happy is a rainbow when you just got out of bed.

Happy is a puppy-dog,

A brand new bright pink shoe.

Happy is a waterfall,

All covered up with dew.

Happy is a cockatoo, with feathers all in a million colors.

Happy is a book with many ever after chapters.

Happy is when you find out that you just won a prize.

Happy is a little cat with two different colored eyes.

Happy is the whole wide world,

Or from a five year old’s view,

But when you  get all grown up there’s just not enough pink shoes.
Aug 31

Little She

Going to get her, picking her up.
Car ride home telling us everything she's been up to.
When we get home,
Visiting the animals.
"Come on G, let's play!"
I go play with her.
Dolls and dresses,
Cars and cats.
Whatever she wants I'll do it.
We go for walks, 
This little she and I,
And we talk about when she gets older, and how she wishes we were sisters,
And all the other things she likes to talk about.
"Can I stay another night?"
Mommy wants you home.
And so she goes, 
Taken away from me agian.
It's so quiet with out her little voice,
Calling me.
It's so sad without her little stuff piles in my room.
At night I hear her voice,
I miss her,
That little she.
Aug 18

What If

What if the Evil Queen was good.

What if good fell and evil stood.

If Red Riding Hood was manipulative,

Who’s to say the wolf wasn’t just miscommunicated.

What if Alice was an ugly brat,

Then don’t blame Mr. Caterpillar for blowing steam out of his hat.

In today is yesterday’s sorrow,

These people might know what we won’t know tomorrow.

I’d trust them,

Except for that fellow in green,

The one with the crocodile,

That boy is mean.

Let’s go to their land,

Make friends in new places,

See all of our childhood favorites with new faces.

Aug 18

Garden Child

Little girl in little overalls,

Carrying a little watering can,

And a little bucket and shovel.

Kneeling in the dirt,

Making little holes in the ground.

Little hands planting little seeds,

In her little patch of dirt in the spring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Small girl in small dress,

Watching birds fly around.

Picking small flowers,

Planting small seeds,

With her small hands and trowel.

In her small patch of dirt in the summer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Big girl in big cloths,

Picking veggies,

And watching the leaves change color.

Putting the earth to sleep,

In her big patch of dirt in the fall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Big girl,

To old and it’s to cold to go outside.