Oct 18
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Winter Wonderland

Winter; bitterly cold and dark, yet the greatest warmth and brilliance.
White luminescence shines through every window pane, touching the skin and leaving it fare.
Piles of snow shine, leaving a sparkle in your bright eyes.
Dark hair descends against plush sweaters; while warm arms wrap themselves around.
Golden gleams through the houses reflect that of the crackling fire.
And the abundance of pine and cinnamon fill every void.
Laughter flows out of featherly pink lips; and warmth pervades the heart.

Outside through black and white; icicles hang
and snow dusts the dark trees.
Rosy cheeks, crisp nose and frosty eyes,
are the only sight on children sliding down hills between angels and snowmen.
Hot chocolate waits on maple counters to warm small hands.
Cookies grow in ovens; and peppermint cools the mouth.
Hopeless romantics settle into the couch with hot chocolate,
Oct 12
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As the leaves start to color the trees,
her hair falls long with rays of burnt orange, golden yellow, and bright red.
The crisp air blows across her face,
changing her sunkissed to fair. 
Leaving the apples of her cheeks blush, and tip of her nose rosy. 
Her light brown freckles covering her nose,
upper cheeks, and polka-dotted on her forehead;
turn burnt orange, reflecting the golden sparkle
in her emerald eyes. 

Her plump soft pink lips, set warm on her ashy face.
Like stepping into a warm house,
with smells of vanilla and cinnamon,
while the fire cracks in the background. 
The fingertips of her pale hands,
turn light red as she catches a falling leaf 
in her palms. 

He stands in awe as he looks at her
through the breach in the trees.
He steps through the breach and calls out, "What's your name?" 
Her glossy eyes meet his through the crisp wind, 
Sep 28
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She stands 5 feet 8 inches high, on her soft pink feet, in front of the large window, watching the sun rise into the crisp air. Her hair falls just a few inches past her wide, broad shoulders. The sun peaks over the trees, a sliver of lights peers through the window, enhancing a strand of caramel blonde, making it appear almost glowing, reflecting her feeling in this moment of simplicity and peace. She enjoys the little things that make life beautiful, like sunrises and sounds of morning. As the sun becomes completly visable over the trees, a smile spreads wide across her soft face. Dimples set deep into her lower cheeks. Her warm freckled cheeks raise, making her eyes small. Where all you can see is the glow of her blue eyes peaking out the small breach, like the waves of the clearest ocean rolling over the sand. In this moment she stands taller then usual. Filled with simplicity, beauty, and peace. Like she hasn't been touched by the world. Like she doesn't know the word stress.
Sep 21
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April 30th

I sit on the faded woden dock reaching over Mascoma lake, I feel my cheeks getting flushed as the late April wind blows across the water. as the deep orange sets behind the trees, and a shade of blue violet sets in, I start to reply this day from ten years ago. I fix my eyes in the distance and it all comes back. It was the end of April when we got the call. I was sitting on the couch waiting for the school bus. The phone rang, my father was in the living room holding my sleeping newborn sister. My mom answered the phone. I couldn't tell what was going on or the tone of the conversation. My mom's face changed, drained of color. I sat one the couch with my backpack, shoes, and rain coat on. My father was repeatedly telling me to get my feet off the couch. Oblivious to what was coming. She looked at my father, as she mumbled into the phone. There was a weird vibe in the house now. Everything seemed normal, whatever complication that was going on was just a typical day to day dilemma.