Mar 12
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The path

As I was walking down the path that was next to my house,
Wondering where it would come out, where would I be
Right in the middle of the path was a tree, not an ordinary tree, it was an extraordinary tree.
It had beautiful pink flowers on it, and when the wind came through, the flowers came down like rain.
It was such a beautiful sight, 
With all the leaves falling in showers, I could stand there for hours.

I walk along that path every day and when I get to the tree I stay.
I have never walked to the end of the path to see where it would go.
I told my family about the tree; it made them laugh,
“Oh no,” they said, “I have never seen a tree on that path.”

So every day when I see the tree
I think of how wonderful it is that it only shows itself to me.
Oct 18
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Snow Day

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I looked out the window, and saw  the world,covered in a blanket of white powder, as the snow plow went by i saw the mountains of snow on the sidewalk, and the sparkling crystals falling down from the dark winter sky above. It felt magical. I heard a loud noise outside my window and looked up and saw it was light out. I felt great until I saw my alarm clock that said  10:00. I ran down the stairs yelling, ¨I’m late! I'm late!¨ when I got down stairs my mom was laughing, and she said ¨Its a snow day¨. Those are my two favorite words right there: snow and day. Right then I knew it was going to be the best day ever.