Feb 14


A blank world
Scrawled onto thousands of sheets of creamy white paper
Ink rubbed off and flowing through the veins of a billion blank humans.
Blank eyes glued to the bright abyss of people out there
False smiles typed rapidly onto a growing list on nothing
Burning into ashes of words that are forgotten 
And waves a thing of the past.
Feb 14


All alone in this empty house
An empty room
Full of empty glasses 
And empty people speaking empty words.

There's a rainbow outside 
But the empty eyes never find it.
Feb 11

Moon Rise

Feb 10

Sunrise on a despicable world

An unsolvable dilemma
That no one wants to solve
But everyone sees.

Shut your eyes to the world children.
There are horrors here
That would make your spine run cold.
There are people here who might actually hurt you
And you'll never find a way out of the thorny cage.

Beware of knowledge
For it will cause the death of you.
The final bits of earth will fall on the empty shell of your body
And they will whisper
She knew too much. They had no choice.

Choice is the word that bleeds wars
And leaves some with thorny crowds
And others beneath their feet in the dust.
It propels people to their feet
And knocks them to their knees in terror.

To be or not to be
No longer a question.
Being means dying and if you want to be free
You'll have to hide.
Feb 09

Sick Day

We all have those days where 
We droop and fall onto sofas
And beds
And chairs
Because if we move we feel like we’ll crumble into a million pieces.
Our stomachs churn and our heads swim with delusions 
That seem nonsensical but are actually real.
We pull the covers up over our heads
And chug tea like it’s going out of style.
Our parents stop by occasionally 
And flutter by the door 
Pampering and hoping we feel better.
Siblings stay away at all costs
And pray not to feel like we do.
Sometimes we just need a “crap day” to balance all the awesome days in our life

Feb 07


I wish I was the perfect friend
Who knew the answers to all your problems
And had the questions to all your answers.
I wish I knew how you felt all the time
And how you looked at me
Your happily imperfect friend.
I wish I knew how you picked your perfect clothing
And danced to the perfect songs that I love
But never find on my own.
I am the rot to your ripe
And the clouds to your sun.
I wish I could be your perfect friend
Just so I could feel better about me
And make you feel better about you.
I don’t always know what to say
I remain your imperfect friend in a perfect world.

Feb 06

I saw you again

I saw you again.
I find you in my dreams and you glance everywhere but my eyes.
My arms reach out
But you collapse into smoke and drift up out of my consciousness.
I have so many things I long to say to you
Thousands of hastily scribbled notes crumbled
And cluttering my recycling bin.
The still wet ink smears in puddles and stains my ideas
Until nothing reads as it seems.
Today I saw you again.
In real life
Or at least I think.
Today you looked me straight in the eye
And I stared back
But when it mattered
All the words that came to me was those scattered pieces of paper
With illegible words that my mind can’t comprehend.
Your coffee blew steam into my hair
And I somehow couldn’t say goodbye.
I walked away in a trance
My feet somehow moving.
The words suddenly came rushing back to me
Tripping across my thoughts,
But they no longer meant anything.
Feb 03

Little Log House

Feb 03


One moment
One oppertunitity
A simple eye connection
And secret looks at the ground
A bag spilling with coins
Faces glaring up at us
Screaming take me.
But this money comes with a price
We both know that.
Take the money 
Pay the price
And you're filthy rich.
In money anyway.
Our hands touch on the bag
A thick canvas sack
Rough under our fingertips
Take the money
In that moment our eyes meet
A train whistles
We stand up and walk away.
Our heel clicks fading into the distance, 
Leaving behind an undesirable canvas sack

Feb 03


They say that
He was the water
And she was the fire
But his riptides overcame her
And buried her flame.
She was caught in his wild storms
And tossed around like a rag doll.
She used to be fierce 
But now she is soggy
And flexible like a rubber band.
He scattered her ashes
Like seed to a starving bird,
His dark eyes flashing with a thousand storms.
He was the water
And she was the fire
But then she grabbed hold of the wind
And whisked him away.