Jan 26
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A single bird rises from the ashes of a fallen city.
Not a powerful bird,
That flies smoothly on the relentless wind,
But a small tattered bird with an injured wing.
That cries out feebly to its suroundings,
As it begins to fall once again toward the earth.

A child draws up short,
And listens to the cry of despair, seeing the little bird, crumpled and alone.

The child reaches out a grimy, small, hand.
A hand that has been through so much pain, and hardache, and suffering,

And helps the bird up.
Once again, the bird attempts to flap its wings,
As the sun sets on a far from perfect day.

That brief moment where the crimson sun illuminates the landscape, before falling behind the mountains,
The child let a brief smile escape.
Jan 10
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The sun had smiled down on you, 
But not kindly.
It burned your face with a hard fire, as you worked outside all day.
It left it's mark,
A scorching red that ran from your neck up to your forehead.

As I imagine an eskimo out in the Artic, their nose irritated and frost bitten with the cold.
You work tirelessly every day, you where your wounds without shame.
I wish everyone did that.
I wish everyone excepted eachother's differences, instead stead of freting over their neighbors imperfections.
But it isn't enough to wish...
In a night without stars.
Jan 08
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The bully

Did you see me in elementary school?
I was a wreck.
I want to earn respect,
And you're an easy target.
People don't mess with me anymore,
They know what I've done to you,
I wish life was less complicated.
I'm sorry.

I'm not to make an excuse,
But things have been really difficult at home lately,
Whatever, you didn't need to know that.
Like I said, I'm sorry.

Sincerely, the bully

Jan 08
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The target

I've told you not to make fun of me.
I've asked you to stop,
But you continue to do it anyway.
I don't know what your deal is with me,
Or what I've ever done to you.
Every time I tell some one, you get worse.
But here we are in the principals office,
And your lying about every mean thing you've done to me,
Like you always do.
Why not just confess?
Or better yet,

Stop bullying me.

Sincerely, the target.
Jan 07
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The beginning

Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Like you were ment to do something bigger then being your average kid?
That's how Finch Larson feels. But like it or not, he's going to have to learn to get through the confusing years of high school, until a mysterious girl shows up... that changes everything.
Dec 19
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To know

Dec 06
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You've abandoned a little girl in the darkness.
A girl who had dreams,
Or maybe only fantasies.
Maybe she knew deep down,
That it was too much to disappoint herself one more time.
But maybe the fact that she hoped at all,
Was what really mattered.
Sitting alone,
Her little figure draped in starlight,
That little girl wished for a better future.
Even if there wasn't a better a better future in sight.
Someone needed to believe.

Dec 03
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A dream

I stand in an open field on a winter night.
Don't ask me how I got there,
As I continue to stand,
Cold and unsure.
I hug my jacket close to me,
At least I remembered to put it on.
Whenever I decided to come here.
I decide to start walking,
Except I don't know where to go.
Then it hits me.
This must be a dream.
All I have to do is...
The light in my bedroom snaps on.
"Time to get up." A voice calls.
If only I could remember what I had been dreaming about...

Dec 01
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What it is

What can I say?
People play different roles in their lifetime.
Some may be difficult to understand,
Even for the person who is trying it out for size.
Bursts of color,

Periods of gray.
Can people change each other?
The world is a circle of differences.
All unknowing, 
All strange.
Inspiration lingers in the air.
Catch it, 

And hold onto it.
What never changes?
Everything is so much more than that.
At some point a butterfly has to spread its wings,
And learn to stand out from the crowd.
Nov 25
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You will find me,
When I notice you,
Leaning against a brick wall,
In denial that the things you hear are true.
I will listen.
You will find me,
Where the ground meets the sky,
To dream of the impossible.
If you could ever understand that. 
You will find me,
When everything you have ever written,
Pools into nothing but the ink from your pen,

And words are nothing,
But rivers at your feet.

And you will know,
That seeing isn't always believing...