Feb 08
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As I soar
high above the ground
leaving a worries
far behind
feeling so light, so free
nothing matters
but the undenible 
sense of freedom
I drift away from reality
as what matters fades
my worries melt away
leaving me careless

Freed from the chains 
that bound me
flying high above 
the darkness
away from what used 
to be
it feels strange 
to be so light
without the fear and dought
that way me down
keeping me from spreading 
my wings and soaring
into the blue

Feb 08
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What Lies Ahead

My future is a winding road
where I find suprises
when turning corner
uncertain of what the future holds
split second desisions
deciding the rest of my life
right before my eyes
changing what I knew
turning it into the 
uncertainty of the future 
as I find myself 
where nothing is farmiliar
and everything has
due to the split second desisions
that change my life forever
some bad, some good
all empahasize
what I don't know
and what I lack to find within myself
Feb 08
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If: Uncertainy and longing
wondering at the impossible 
willing what if to happen
it's a plea, a fact we can't change
a word used for words
If all if's were possible
what a world this would be
after all if is word
what it needs is someone to make
What if a reality
to make the impossible
into the possible
One day at a time
one small step
one giant leap
the start of a
For change, for hope
to stop if because after all
if is a word with infinte 
Feb 08
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The Quiet

Quiet, at peace
No thoughts can break the barrier of my mind
I breathe, taking in air
Then breathe out
Letting all worries float away
I am at the mercy of my mind 

My mind is empty of today
and not yet full of tommorow
Tomorrow, thoughts
Worries, joys, and sadness
As I sit in between today and tomorrow

Feb 08
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The Battle

Life is a fight
You are the battle weary solider
Struggling to find peace within your own mind
Fighting the raging battle between will and conscience
While at the same time fearing for your life
As the battle wears on 
Jan 11
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The Darkness part 1

I am alone, not that I'm not used to it. The silence that surrounds me has become natural, almost comforting in a way. It has been almost a month since I've talked to another being face to face, I do miss it . Being alone has changed me, turned me into someone I'm not, I've evolved as the silence over took me. It stayed this way, me alone, lonely, until the day she arrived. From within my darkness, I could hear the rain pounding on the roof above, I could hear the water rushing away down the hill, Then I could hear muffled footsteps finding their way towards the house. Little did I know, that she would change my life forever, She would take away my darkness, and bring the light.
Jan 04
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Two Thousand Nineteen

Two thousand nineteen

A year to heal our broken nation

A time to be heard

A year to stand up for what you believe in

A wake up call

Calling us to attention

Telling us to clean up our act

A chance to start over

A year to start with kindness and hope

To try and make peace with our enemies

A year to see the possibilities with rising sun

To find the silver lining in storm cloud

Two thousand nineteen, a year of hope

Nov 09
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It had been a long time, but now he was here.

I turn away, my eyes unable to see, unable to acept.

When he left, part of me died

Misguided, I loved him, unaware

Of who he really was

Of the mask he wore to hide the his real self.

The memories of the pain, the scars he left

Leave me wanting to forget, restart, erase

But I can’t, I’ll always have the scars that etched deep into my past

Contant reminders of my mistakes

I can’t help being afraid, of him, his words

Fear, a weakness, my weakness

Destroying me