Jan 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Dye


I was pure before
my life was good.
Now its tainted
guilt spreading
like smoke filling the sky
the clear sky
that used to be my heart
I am different now
I am broken
I am cold
I am lonley
but I still fight.
becuase in the end,
I know everything will be alright.
So I'll just keep on fighting,
with my tainted heart.
Jan 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Bully

The Bully

I stand
playing basketball
the ball
ing down the court
shes there,
right there,
guarding me.
Shes not supposed to,
but she does anyway.
I say,
arn't you supposed to be there?
guarding the basket?"
She glares and hisses
Mind your own business!"
With a wish of her pulled-up blonde hair,
she shoves me to the ground.
I feel my heart fall too,
cracking and spintering
as it hits the floor.
I stand up,
pretend nothing happened.
I can't do anything about it.

I stand with my friend,
I look behind her,
and the bully is there,
standing behind me,
blue eyes mocking.
I hear her whisper,
just loud enough for me to hear,
"I mean, that's SO imature!"
I know shes talking about me.

Dec 20
poem 2 comments challenge: Nerves

My Nerves

My friends get on every one of my nerves.
Some times we talk and laugh together like two puzzel peices finding their fit
but other times there is something broken
something deeper then anger or fear
that fries my nerves to their ends
What is going on?
Why is this happening?
Has someone finally removed the veil from my eyes?
Or have the clouds covered the sun?
I don't know what is going on
and I wish there is someone I could talk to
My nerves are frying.
But the truth is
good friendships argue more then loose ones.

Dec 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Title

The Title

Picture your favorate book.
One that made your heart skip and flutter
and also made it drop and fall.
Think about the title of that book,
of what it ment and means
how it is unique
unique only to that book
because nothing 
and no one
can ever be the same
everyone has their own special title
and nothing can ever change that.
Like our changing world,
everything we hear in the news...
is our plant,
our home,
still the same?
How can we fix it?
There is no tool kit that can ever patch up the damage we have done
But is their still hope?

Oct 24
poem 3 comments challenge: Afraid

True fear

Have you ever been
truly afraid
for what is happening
at your own school
there are smells
smells that awake something
in my head
that makes me afraid
truely fear whatever 
it is
it is hard to imagine
at school
nothing to fear
I was wrong
Oct 22

YWP is

YWP is
The place were I can let my imagination overflow
through these words
typing from these keys
like the beautiful song
that I can't stop singing
becuase I can never stop being creative
I can never stop writing
because its in my blood
its in my head
Where would I be
without YWP?
Oct 22
poem 6 comments challenge: Three

Grandaughters of witches, and we're proud of it

Oct 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Run


I am running
running away
from my home
from my family
from my country
my country
was unfair to woman
like me
and I only just
became the woman
I am today
I turned 18 last week
My country 
favored men
over woman
like a dog
eager to please its master
and this dogs master
is my leader
the leader
I am running from
Oct 17

The fact of knowing

Oct 17
poem 6 comments challenge: Silence

Shelter in place

It happened suddenly
that day
we were in math
our teacher was ranting
about pre-algebra
even though
no one was listening
a voice
over the loudspeaker
clear the halls,
clear the halls,
this is not a drill.
I repeat,
this is not a drill.

The class when silent.
Our teacher
fearfully went
to lock the door
and we hid
on the same side as the door
so if someone looked
in the classroom
we would not be seen
for once,
we didn't make a sound.
fear was thick in the air
the sound of footsteps
echoing through the halls
it seemed as if
the whole room
was holding its breath
the whole world
there was the sound
of someone rattling
our door handle
a angry curse
and then the footsteps continued
down the hall
*  *  *
an hour later,
we were told