Apr 03

A Polite Refusal to be Forgotten

I don't want to be forgotten
I don't want to be someone that the future doesn't know was here 
I don't want to be someone normal
I don't want my name to be on a gravestone covered with moss that tourists pass by on their way to someone else's tomb
I don't want to be an anyone

I want my words to flow through years 
Like brooks
I want them to inspire again and again
I want the stories I write to be loved
Nibbled on by literature-inclined mice 
Read again and again by people with soft hands
Wrinkled hands
Small hands
Scarred hands

I want to be great
I don't want to be a memory in someone else's mind
I want to be someone who changed people's hearts
I want to love
Be loved

I want to write
And draw
And sing
And dance
And read
And change
And change
And change

I want to be a candle that never goes out
Apr 02

The Glass Castle (Part 6)

After the phone book was found and the takeout was ordered, Cleo and Death sat down at a table like the normal people they weren't. 
"What do you want to do when the food gets here?"
"Eat it," said Death.
"Someday I'm going to kill you," said Cleo calmly.
Death paused. "You do realize how impossible that is?" he said.
"Yeah, but I can still...tickle you."
"I'm not threatened by that," said Death.
"Yeah, well." she said, shrugging. "But seriously. What do you want to do when the food gets here?"
"Do you...want to...watch a movie? Maybe?" said Death.
"Sure. But something tells me that we don't like the same movies," said Cleo.
Death stood up. "What makes you think that?" he asked her, opening a cupboard and taking out a glass. 
"Because you have bad taste and I have good taste."
"You don't even know that yet!" said Death, as he turned on the tap. "I could have better taste than you!"

Apr 01

The Glass Castle (Part 5)

Everything was surpisingly calm after Death had an emotional breakdown in Cleo's kitchen, although the window was still broken. Cleo was at work, and Death was looking through her old Martha Stewart Living magazines. He was sprawled all over the couch, and utterly content. He moved his legs so that they were draped over the arms of the couch, which he thought was very funny and ironic. He checked the clock, scratched his knee. She should be home soon, he thought. A few minutes later he heard the key turning in the lock. 
"Hey!" said Cleo as she slipped off her shoes.
"I didn't realize that you locked me in here!"
"Oh. Yeah. Um." she said.
"It's okay," said Death, "I just didn't realize that you did it." Cleo turned red.
"...What? Did I say someting wrong?" said Death, noticing the change in Cleo's skin tone.
"No..." she said. "I guess I just didn't want you to leave." Death paused, and then decided to try to keep it light.
Apr 01

Ode to My Calculator Case

Now that you're gone
I find numbers
And strange words that I don't understand

You used to protect me and what was mine
Now you are gone
You were beautiful and decorated
But elegant
I miss you every day

Now that you're gone
There are no more rainbows
The sky is gray now
In a shade that reminds me of you
How you used to be and how you used to feel
I don't know where you are
Whether you are lost
Or hungry
Whether you are tired
Of beating rain and puddles and plants
Maybe that's why you left me

Were you sick of being with me?
Were you sick of my conpany?
Tired of my words and thoughts and careless exclamations?

You were shelter
You were home
You were always there for me
Until you weren't
I never knew until you were gone

Now you are lost and empty and silent
Lost and empty
Mar 12

What Are We Waiting For?

Energy doesn't have to hurt people
Energy doesn't have to cause people to leave the land 
That they grew up on
That their parents grew up on

It's not worth it

Methane popping up in people's water
Lighting on fire by the touch of a match
This is not a natural occurrence

A pocked landscape 
Covered with places cleared from bushes and trees
For wells
Of oil

I just learned that solar, wind power and hydro electricity could cover all the energy demands of the world

What are we waiting for?
Are we waiting for corporations to realize
That their money is not worth the fate of the earth
The fate of all the young people who didn't start

What are we waiting for?

Are we waiting
For the government
The oil companies
The coal companies
To understand that their money
Mar 10

Why Are We Waiting?

I am so
Of people hurting other people
Of people hurting the planet that offers everyone shelter
I am so, so 
Of corporations pouring chemicals 
And poisons
Into the sweet-smelling earth
The soil that feeds their children
And other people's children
Pouring strange, unnatural things
Into the water that allows people to live
The water that shouldn't catch fire
If you hold a match next to it
I am so
Of a small group of people 
Who don't need the money
Forcing people to keep silent
To stop telling their stories
To be payed off by a bit of money
And no solution
I am tired
Of hearing  
That the water supply in a new place
Someone else's home
Has been contaminated
I am tired
Of hearing day after day 
That the oil companies
And the coal companies
Feb 21


Feb 21

Cette Ville

Pour la ville de Québec 

Cette ville
Il neige, il pleut, il fait beau
Cette ville est très belle

Dans cette ville, il y a des personnes
Des statues
Des fleurs parti depuis longtemps
Les jardins sont mort,
Tout est gris et laid
Tout est disparu
J'adore cette ville 
Les fenêtres
Les portes
Toutes les personnes sont silencieux et froid, mais gentil
Cette ville n'est pas vide, cette ville est plein
Nous sommes plein
Nous sommes ensemble
Je t'adore, Québec  
Feb 06

An End

New moon
Broken angels
Tired hearts
Storm clouds
Rain drops
Wilted flowers
The crackling fire was reflected in her eyes, he thought. It looked lovely, and suddenly he didn't feel as cold as he had before.
Half-formed memories
Ripped curtains
He parted the drapes and stared outside. The snow was coming down steadily. He picked up another blanket and carried it back to the sofa.
The only thing still intact was a heavy metal cylinder with the top rounded to a point
Feb 02

Forever We Are Gone


The questions never lapse, and the waves never stop crashing over the bodies of the seashells, the bodies of the tiny creatures that our eyes our never strong enough to see.

How long ago was it, that I told you I loved you? It must have been ages by now.

There are a thousand miles between where you are and the places that you have seen only in your mind. Cross the thousand miles, and say farewell to who you used to think you were.


There's sand in between my toes, and it's so warm. It scratches me, but I don't mind. Should we abandon our dignity and build a sand castle?

28,650 days ago the London bombings of World War ll began


Do you think we will stay like this forever?
You have a little bit of strawberry soda on your face.
The waves are coming in, we should probably go home.