May 30

this sad song sounds happy when you hold my hand

i want to dance with you
in the glow of the streetlight
outside my house 

i want us to be the only people
that exist
just us and the fireflies-
even just for a minute. 

i want the whole world 
to hold its breath as you 
twirl me by the very tips of my 
and our bare feet soundlessly
step their way through this waltz

i want us to float like soap bubbles 
through sticky summer night air

and i know you want it too. 
May 24

dandelion wish

May 10

to the ghost using my body as its vessel

hey, it’s me. your body.
your friend?
look, i know you get sad sometimes.
I understand, I get it. I’ve been there.
but i don’t appreciate the thoughts
you spit into my mind.
I understand that you’re invincible
because nothing worse can really
happen to you anymore; you’re already
dead. but
where would you be without my skin?
you’d float without purpose or thought
with no solid form to cling to-- no direction.

please don’t kill me

i’m just as lost without you as you are
without me.  
Mar 04

an apology,

hey. sorry i know it's late. sorry i haven't been responding to your texts and probably calls. got my phone taken away. i ran all the way here. i've been throwing m&ms at your window. you know, the old fashioned way with a modern twist. i bought a big bag so i wouldn't run out very fast. my aim is horrible; i've been trying to get one through the window that's cracked open. maybe if you stood in the right place, one would land in your mouth. haha. that might be bad though because you're allergic to the dye in the red ones. or is it blue? i don't remember, sorry. anyway. i know you're probably asleep or ignoring me because who else but me would do something this "rom-com stupid"? well i know life isn't a movie. if it was, it would get shitty ratings. well. i came to apologize. i'm really really sorry i ran over your cat with my car. i'm also sorry that after i ran him over, i backed up to see what i'd run over and ran him over again. i'm also sorry i sneezed on you.
Feb 13


i remember when we were both small,
and you were
afraid of thunderstorms. 
we shared a room during this time.
i slept on the top bunk of our bunk bed. 

on those summer nights when dark,
flickering clouds rumbled over our heads,
you'd climb the ladder to my bed and i
would remind you of what we learned from
watching Winnie the pooh at mémè's house: 
count between thunder and lightning.
the longer you can count between them,
the farther away the storm is getting. 

i'd tuck us both under the same blanket
and together, we counted away the storm. 

summer ended,
but the thunderstorms that so often sent you
up the bunk bed ladder into your big sister's
arms didn't fade like the green of the leaves. 


they moved inside. 

night after night, thunder roared in the kitchen
and lightning snapped back at it. 
Feb 13


the storm rolled in before dark
had the chance to swallow the town.

Night embraced the lumbering clouds
dusting glittering flakes onto the

“sleep, children,” crooned Demeter to
the dying grass in the fields. “Close
your eyes.”

and the frigid North breath spat frost
onto their shivering bodies.
Feb 11


Feb 10

Le Souper Anxieux

She rehearses her lines once more, in 
her head. 
Soon the spotlight would be on her. 
One chance to get this right. 
One mistake, and she would never 
be able to show her face here again.

The man walks toward her.
His lines fall off of his lips perfectly...
a smile, 
a pause; her cue.
Now or Never.

"May I please have the chicken alfredo?"
Jan 12

waiting for Ned

Every day after the school bus brings me home,
I pull my big girl chair up to the window.
I sit in it and eat my snack.
And I wait for Ned to come home.

He’s been gone for a little while now. Probably
having sleepovers with his friends around the
neighborhood. He does that sometimes.

Problem is, he’s had so many sleepovers all in
a row that I can barely remember what he looks

Daddy said he got a new job and had to move
because of it.
Mommy told me he flew away to go on a
vacation to a place with lots of mailmen 
to chase. 

I know they’re both just being silly though.
Ned’s my bestest friend. He wouldn’t go
away without telling me first.

But I miss Ned’s big wet smile and
his dirty paws that Mommy and Daddy hate
cleaning up after.

It’s past my bedtime.
Ned will come home tomorrow. I’m sure he
misses me too.
Dec 03


One in 7 billion.
well, that’s… humbling. pretty big number.
maybe it’s a bit hopeful. I could
make an impression on every person I see!
too bad most of those impressions will be
wasted by saying something dumb/awkward/
accidentally offensive (sorry).
I mean, people are going to know
who I am, I can’t control that- I
go to a public school.
But I think I just feel small.
One in 7 billion.
sometimes it feels like the most
I’ll ever change in this world is a
light bulb.

I guess that’s a good start.