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Sep 21
ccdussault's picture

Colors of the Sunset

I walked down the long, creaking dock.

I had sat down and dipped my toes into the clear, glass water.

I watched the waves my feet made as they touched the water

and wondered how such a small touch of the water could have made such a big effect.

I look up at the sunset,

except this time I study it hard.

I am curious if sunsets are just sunsets,

or if they mean something more.

I was looking for something in that sunset,

but all I could see was how the bright colors beamed off of the sun.

I realized that much like my toes had caused the waves,

the sun had created this sunset.

I start to feel the sunset running through my body,

as if I were drinking it’s colors.

I felt that, much like the sunset,

I was glowing.

And if anyone saw me from afar,

I would be screaming with color.

Sep 21
khbeaudry's picture

I run

I run.

The cold, sharp rocks under me
Towards the sunset illuminating the lake
The pinks and blues felt like home
The chilly air
Needles on my skin

I run.

Towards the lake, so many of my memories
With every step feeling more myself

I run

Towards home

Sep 21
Katielab_5's picture

Pink Sorrow

The warm water lapses over my feet

lead on by the slight breeze that tickles my skin
I wish I could bathe in the hue of the sky

I imagine it would feel as soft as a cloud

A step down from being wrapped in your arms
Clear your mind

called out the dock

but you had another idea

A permanent spot in my mind,
                                             front and center

So instead of the muddy water

     I am staring into your hazel eyes

And instead of the whistling wind I hear you whispering
Making me laugh, our own secret

And I am left wishing to make more

But if I talk

The only thing left to listen is the wind


Sep 21

song #1

fabric flys
twirls in humid air
drinks are in hand
sticky table
holding hands, pulling away from the crowd
to be alone
a soloist takes his turn on the keys
the dancing never stops
after it's over, cheers
a slower song
love, in pairs, floats on the floor
Sep 20


     When I was eight years old, my mind began to find loopholes to obsess over in everyday life. Some things would randomly freak me out, and some things would bore me to death. One night, as I was lying in bed, I was obsessing over the image of a pool ball rolling on the green carpet in my mind. I fell asleep eventually, and when I did, the image of the ball rolling was still in my mind, but it was rolling closer and getting larger and larger, but it never seemed to reach me, and sometimes it would get small again and start its journey closer towards me all over again. The green carpet turned into grass that was getting torn up by the ball. 
     When the ball was at its smallest, it was so quiet that the silence was almost deafening, taking over every corner of my mind. As it got larger and larger, quick tapping sounds would grow louder until it was shattering me from the inside... 
Sep 20

The Other World

There once was a girl named Alassa
who died protecting her love
this story would be tragic
if not for the magic
that was left for her from above

Soon after her death she realized
the world she knew had disappeared
but she was greeted by faces
and many embraces
from people who just suddenly appeared

She was told that this was the afterlife
a place where time stood still
everyone came here
no matter the year
and did whatever they wanted at will

Alassa realized that her hands were glowing
and asked what that was about
“Once the one you adore
comes here through the door
the glow will lead you to him and fade out”  

So she waited for the love of her life
and spent her time traveling
it was very captivating
and quite fascinating
As this world secrets were unraveling
Sep 20

His Portrait

His eyes had always calmed my soul before the storm arose. His smile could light up the earth when the sun faded out. His hair was like milk chocolate brown waves, short but curling.  When laughing it felt as if everything in the world was okay. His kindness and gentleness could nurture all living beings. When he spoke it was as if he was connecting with your emotions when around him. Because he was a lot older he would act so mature around everyone but myself, then he would be a goofball with me.  I can remember he had a habit of looking at you when he spoke, he would always be comforting and gentle when I was manic, he has the best sense of humor no matter the situation. I fell in love with all of his flaws, with his personality, his smile and humor, and all of his perfections. If he read this I would be so dead.
Sep 20
poem 4 comments challenge: Creature



That’s what they yell at me from across the street.


That’s what they said when they followed me home.


That's what they shout when they punch me in the chest again and again and again.


I am no ‘creature.’

Just a person,

Trying to survive,

In a world where being different must be something to feel ashamed of.

Something to hide.



i hope this isn't horrible! this is my first attempt to write poetry, so i'm very sorry if it sucks :)
Sep 19

While She's Here

She is the in-between
of heaven
and hell,
a devil
and angel
without horns
or halo.
Her wings are black,
but soaring
and opening
in love.
She is a queen dethroned,
her crown
tossed and
without even
a ceremony
or coronation.
Her skin is soft as silk,
in layers
her lovely flesh.
I was on her shoulders,
high and
low again,
yet I am,
once again,
on her back,
and she will never know
that someone
like myself
sees her
and smiles.
Please, give me this.
Allow me
to love
again just
for a while.
While she's here.
I'm afraid,
of our parting.
I'm afraid,
to love,
but I want
this feeling
to last for as long
as life
Sep 19
joseph.deffner's picture

After Life

The Afterlife

By Mary.A.Veracka

I believe the Afterlife is bigger than Heaven and Hell. It’s a Beyond. Hell is a myth made up to scare people into being  good. In the Afterlife you restart, you get a second chance to be a different person. You shouldn’t have to be defined by your past life. If there were a Heaven and Hell, who gets to decide that anyway? Who gets to decide whether you’ll suffer in an unbearable Afterlife, or a perfect one. The Afterlife should be good for all. I hope, that when I die, my life isn’t over-that there’s  more to come. Why would we be born to just live and die.