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Jan 07
jacobslaughter6's picture

Roman Glory

Roman Glory
Jacob Slaughter
All roads lead to Rome.
All lives meet the same eventuality.
The universal route is a footbridge,
A one-man path.

Humans march down the highway,
But each chooses where to place his feet;
While all travelers perish,
Individuality proudly remains.

Run and you might fall.
The road hangs by a thread
That frays with the force of each step.

In time, the ropes will snap,
And the bridge will always fall.
The inky waters below
Will briefly stir, then settle.

But still we forge onward,
Despite what looms,
Eyes straining,
Head high,

Searching for Rome.
Jan 07
wondering about rain's picture


Often gone unspoken
Sealed between gritted teeth like graves
And the silence, grave stones.
Flowers laid upon the soil,
Mocking my rotting body
Whilst the living tread upon
Sacrifices with blissful ignorance.

I can not help but take in
The gentle fragrance that only serves
To remind of that which cannot be reached.
My attention bound by emptiness.
Oh what god there may be,
Am I to be damned to forever
Roam The Fields of Mourning?

A face will always haunt my sleep,
The dream’s details never
Did justice to the addiction.
Thick darkness veils the light and,
I may not even begin to reach where
Flowers bloom in a better place.
A place where the soft singing of
The Muses would grace my ears.

Cold frostbitten edges replace the warm glow
Of the glass sphere in my window.
The fragile thread delicately holding it
Suspended still in time as the
Jan 06

The Day the Balloons Were Tied Down

The day the balloons were tied down,
was the same day the clouds came in to stay.
They needn’t part to let any balloons into the heavens
on the day the balloons were tied to the earth.

The day the balloons were tied down,
the rains fell hard and long.
They didn’t stop when the rivers spilled over their banks
because the clouds had no reason to part
on the day the balloons were tied to the earth.

The day the balloons were tied down,
the fields flooded and the crops were washed away.
Their roots couldn’t hold against the raging floodwaters
when the rivers spilled over their banks
because the clouds had no reason to part
on the day the balloons were tied to the earth.

The day the balloons were tied down,
the people grew no food,
The crops hadn’t grown fruit for them
because they had washed away in the raging flood
when the river spilled over their banks
Jan 05


I notice
how close
the stars, the sun
the moon, the clouds
seem to be

Like you
can run your finger
across the sky
and let it ripple
under your touch

Like you
could pluck
the sun and the moon
and hold them
in your hand

Like they were
marshmallow treats
from the Lucky Charms cereal

Like you
could hold
the clouds
in your arms

Like a teddy bear
or use it as a pillow
dreaming sweet dreams

I notice
how close
we can be
to nature
the grass, the trees
the water, the air

When we feel
the tickle of the
blades between
our toes
and the itch
on our arms,
the smell of
fresh cut grass
with the morning dew

The trees whistling
in the wind
singing a sweet song
with the birds resting
on the branches
Jan 04
AnnaH's picture

Three Balloons

And three balloons

And round
And still

Murky water
Cloudy sky
Wind is standing still

Ancient bridge
Above the sea
Wood as old as time can be

Sailboats Drifting
Water far as you can see

Gray-brown water
Gray-brown sky
Boring people walking by

Rustling grass
And rusting walls
Of buildings old and dark and tall

Figure standing on the roof
People hidden
From the truth

Old dark brige
And shadowed sky
Darkening most afternoons

Everything is standing still
And three balloons

Dec 19
plafountain's picture


     My heart was pounding out of my chest. The thumping noise echoing the alleyway as I ran. The priceless gems I had swapped from the jewelry store close against my body. The sirens bouncing off the cement. I ran. Faster than I ever had before. They were gaining on me. They wanted the gems. A black figure swept me into the shadows behind the dumpster. The sirens wailed past.

Once they were gone I immediately stepped out of the shadows. The other black figure behind me turned. I got a glimpse of their familiar face before they ran out of the alleyway. I had a flashback of the same familiar face. Broad cheekbones same black hair and fair skin. The eyes were what reminded me the most of someone familiar. The beautiful deep sea blue. Almost a far memory.
Dec 16
Kyle Emerson's picture

And I thought she was nice

As I walked down the street I look forward to see something strange. Something I know. Someone I know, but from where? The person looked up and we made eye contact. Where do I know her from? I walked by. I stopped, she stopped, and in unison we said “Have we met?”
I said “oh sorry” with a chuckle. She laughed as well. She had good vibes around her. At least to me she did. I asked “Where do we know each other from?” and she shrugged. This was awkward. I didn’t know what to say. I asked with a stutter “D-do you, want to get some coffee? I was going down to bean bay, you know, the coffee shop around the corner, do you wanna come?”

She replied “no, i’m actually on my way to an important meeting”

“Oh, sorry, but hey, can I get your number? I gotta find out where I know you from”
Dec 16

The Crossroads Of Infinity

The Crossroads Of Infinity

It was a warm summer evening. A playful breeze was tickling the trees, gently rustling their leaves in a quiet melody. The party was at full peak, full of laughter and talking, clinking of glasses and cheerful chatting. Among the guests was a man whose life was slowly being seeped up by the infinite.

In his better days he was a doctor serving on a submarine, and now was slowly dying from exposure to high level radiation. He knew the outcome and was not afraid to die, but was still fighting as a brave soldier. The moments when an acute pain was hard to tolerate in the presence of others were coming more often.
Dec 16
Savannahpandagirl's picture

Nature's Heartbeat

While rain pours down                       

    Deer run around             

         Bears hunt for food

               In the sound of a rushing stream

                              And fish swim like never before.

                                          The  insects crawl  

                                                    The red birds tweet

                                                                The yellow sun comes out    

                                                                          While rainbows shine  
                                                                                  and flowers bloom.
Dec 13
Cunningr's picture


I knew I had seen him before…
But when,
From where?

As the seasons pass I will never forget his face,
His shocked expression.
The night I bumped into him hurrying home,
He looked back over his shoulder,
Back at me.

I only saw a glimpse of his visage because I was too caught up in my personal affairs,
The regrets I have now.
Why had I not stopped to say hi,
Anything to solve my ongoing conundrum.

I knew we had been close once.
Did we work together?
Did we go to school together?
He looked my age or so.
Did we play on the same sports team?
I don’t think so...

As I think back,
I still remember perfectly.
His look of surprise,
and then recognition.

Then I remember recognizing him back.