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Sep 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Setting
mbove's picture

Peaceful Place

Peaceful Place
by: Anna Farber

I can feel the cold grass on the soles of my feet
Summer has just begun
Days of sun and blue sky
Stars twinkling in the night sky
Swimming in lakes and ponds
Walks through the woods
The birds sing
The breeze
Makes the trees dance and sway
The sun peeks through the covered forest
Shining a blanket of heat and light

Why don’t I stay here forever?
Make friends with nature
Climb tall trees
Look out over the beautiful place
I have the privilege of living in
No war
No Drama
No People telling me I can't be who I want
That I have to meet their standards

Dancing through the woods
Singing softly
The woodland creatures feel drawn
To this place of peace
Where they feel safe
OK to be themselves

A voice
Calling me
The peace has left
“You don’t belong here,” it says
Sep 26
Kittykatruff's picture

Melting Ice

Somewhere, there is a land of ice and frost,
Which glints and glimmers in the rays of sun—
However its magic may soon be lost,
As years of pollution can’t be undone.
Cold, slick, and hard, the ice is now melting;
 We are on a man-made slippery slope
Polar bears float away on ice, looking
Back—eventually, they give up all hope.
A dreamworld of wonder, and snow, and ice
Is shattered by our dreams—not needs, but wants;
No number of words will simply suffice
In changing if the Arctic melts or not.
We must take action; save the ice quickly—
Or it will be gone for Eternity.
Sep 26

The Perfect Sunset

My photo is of the sun setting by my house. I find it inspiring because I can almost feel like I am there every time I look at it. I live on a mountain and there is another mountain across the valley. Every night I can see this beautiful array of yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks just above the mountain. Turning 180 degrees I can see another array of colors, this time of dark blues. It makes me feel like there is nothing in this world that can go wrong. It is the true definition of beauty. I think it portrays life in the simplest form possible. It always makes me think that even though my life is going in a million directions, there is still time to enjoy nature’s beautiful moments. This picture reminds me of home. I have taken pictures in that same spot on various occasions for many different reasons. There is a certain comfort knowing that I can see this sight almost every night.
Sep 26

As I Stand on This Hill Looking West

As I stand on this hill looking West
at you, America--
or what will soon become you--
I am overwhelmed by the beauty before my eyes.

Your lands are so vast,
your fertile ground so resplendent
with roses the color of the blood of those with brown skin.
You remember what we sow
and it grows with a fragrance strong enough
to mask the scent of four thousand rotting bodies
buried beneath the hills of Oklahoma. 

My golden-haired, pale-skinned
Spirit of American Progress
raises me from where I stand 
and carries me across your terrain in the palm of her hand.
She gifts you to me, America, and with you every creature to cross your land
whether with four legs or two. 

In one pocket I carry a quill to sign a treaty with a signature that lies
and in the other a gun 
in case the other party hesitates. 
I would pull the trigger for you, America. 
Sep 26

alice giggles

          Alice giggles. Her lips reach for her ears, but don't quite make it. Crows land on the folds of skin beside her eyes and print the marks of their feet on her face. She was hunched over, but now stands straight and tall like a red wood, or at least, thats how tall she thinks she is. Now she is looking at the grass with such awe and wonder, you would think it was the appendages of a green anenomie, or the crushed rings of saturn, She bends from her ankles and carefully teeters over her own knees. A small finger reaches out to touch the grass, after frightfully making contact it recedes back to safety. Eyes as brown as dark chocolate pudding glance back at me. Questions flow out of her eyes, I nod, a sign of approval. She then turns back to the tiny forest before her and carefully selects a blade of grass. Alice stands up once again and stretches her arm up, and up, to grasp my palm. My palm opens like a flower opens to the sun, in it Alice places a single shard of grass.
Sep 25


Frost on the windowpanes
reminds me of an old riddle I heard once.
Through the twists and shards of misty white, a red figure scoops a ball of shining, dove's-wing powder and rolls it into a little ball.
It leaves his hand and smacks the blue figure hard; laughter rings through the air, and the blue child retaliates.
I see gray on his jacket now.
I can see the particles of frost on the icy bark of the tree; every salt crystal sprinkled on the front walk sparkles in the bleak sun.
It's amazing what we can see if we only look.
Those boys, busy hurling snowballs back and forth, may remember the exhilaration of dodging icy projectiles and coming in, dripping, ready for hot cocoa, but they will never look back and remember the poetic sound of the wind whistling through the bare trees, or the bright sparkle of pure white in the early morning when everything is new.
So I stay here, and I notice and I feel and I watch, and I see.
Sep 25
poem 1 comment challenge: Apples
Ms. Naugle's picture


Apples are red
Apples are green
Apples taste great
When they're from a seed
Try some, try some, try some now
Let me take you through the town
Through the town we shall go
Let me know what you think
About apples now

Pippa Scott
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School
Sep 24
Fiona Ella's picture

rock cycle

i discreetly wrote this in science class, constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was prowling around, ready to pounce on me for being off-task, which is why it's so short. if anyone was wondering. 

weathering doesn't happen quckly, 
you can't wear a mountain down to a speck in a day. 
it takes a long long time, 
centuries of raindrops streaking the surface, 
centuries of gusty winds whipping at a raw nose, 
hours and hours of awkward stares
of plaguing thoughts
i'm wrong, i'm stupid, 
i am being judged

people talk about flames going out
but a flame is snuffed in seconds. 
and it takes ages to wear a person down. 
so i say, 
i'm a mountain. 
buffetted by wind
someone else's tears washing away my face. 
making a brave last stand
that's slowly making me
disappear into

into specks of
specks of
Sep 21
Icarus Blackmore's picture

Ode to Outcasts

An Ode to Outcasts:

Talking to you,
Sitting at the back table,
It brings me back,
To the time of fables.

We used to love those old tales,
Back when we believed.
We used to trust, completely,
Back when we held tight to dreams.

They told it us that it was okay,
So it was.
There were no questions,
No social games to be won.

Acceptance was the norm,
Or so we thought.
Alas as we grow in size we grow less wise,
And those ideals were blotted out. 

The choppy waters of cliques dragging us down,
We clung to friendships like driftwood.
However, unable to stay afloat in waves of rumors,
We let go of people we'd too long held onto.

All too early we started sinking below those choppy waters,
But from the debris of old,
We'll make a new raft for us, 
And though I can't promise smooth sailing, I can promise I won't let go.
Sep 21
joseph.deffner's picture

Dark Orange

If I had to live without one color I think I would choose dark orange. I think dark orange (as opposed to light orange) because I kind of like light orange. To be honest, I think dark orange is a gross color. I was thinking about it like this: If I was going to get a new carpet or paint my walls a new color, I would be looking at that color for a long time. I might pick blue or green or maybe even yellow just because I think they are kind of cool colors for that kind of thing, but I definitely wouldn’t pick dark orange. Another reason that I don’t like dark orange is that it reminds me of slugs. For most things, I don’t see dark orange that much anyway so it wouldn’t be that big of a loss. Also With a lot of colors I feel like I would be upset if I never saw them again, but with dark orange, I don’t really care.