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Feb 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Letter
ella.farrstarr's picture

To The First Girl I Loved

It's been a while since we last spoke,
And I know that we both yelled and said things
We thought we meant at the time.

I know that you went home and cried that night
I did the same.

But I'm hoping now's as good a time as ever
Now that the chips have fallen
Now that the dust has settled
The fire burned out.
Maybe now is the right time for me to tell you, thank you.

Thank you for holding my hand that first time when you knew I was scared to death.
For the time you made me laugh 
Because you knew I was about to cry.
For the dinner you made while dancing around my kitchen
And the way you pushed my hair back behind my ear.
Thank you for the thousand and one wishes we made on shooting stars,
for the ninety nine times you had to pick me up off the group and kiss my bruised ego.
Thank you for showing me what love felt like
What it's like to be loved that deeply for that long.
Feb 06

Dear Backpack

Dear Backpack,

I carry you, up and over each a every hill, on my back. Your heavy body is a weight on my shoulders, but you are worth it to me. You carry my school stuff so I will be prepared for class. You carry my prized possessions, so I will always have my special things close to me. You carry my water bottle, so I can drink when I have a thirst. You carry my lunch so I can eat. And you carry my computer which of course i need to get on YWP! So thank you backpack, for being there for me.

Love, YouKnowWho
Feb 03

To The Pen, From The Brown Leather Journal

My Dearest Pen,    

How I long for your sweet touch once more. It has been days, weeks, years, since I have been cracked open, since I have felt words fall from the mind and onto my pages through you. I see you. Everyday I see you sitting on the desk, closed. And everyday I hope for you to be picked up and opened, and I hope the same for myself. I am surrounded by others: an photo album, The Catcher in the Rye, The Book of Poems, and more beyond that. But I have never felt so alone. I can feel my blank pages drying, withering in the absence of you.
Feb 03
Danielle Jade Gordon's picture

The light of my life

In the middle of the night,
​When I'm tired and dissorianted,
​When I need to see in the dark,
​I turn to you.

​During the long winter days,
​When the days are dim and long,
​And light is all I need,
I turn you on.

Without you my life would me dim,

​So thank you bedside Lamp,
​Thank you ceiling light,
​For all you do,
​And everything you reveal.
Jan 31
l.sleeper's picture


The thing that I adore is something of a mystery to me,
For I do not know how it is created or why, but I love it.
When I run my thumb over it's smooth surface,
I relax into a state where my rude and penetrating thoughts cannot find me.
As I see the subtle cracks in its surface, as I feel the rounded off edges, I feel myself melt into a puddle,
with my brain working tirelessly to keep me focused, as it lets out silent cry to regain my attention.
As I sit there, staring at it's long ignored cracks and crevices, I begin to wonder how it got that way,
and how it traveled into my hand at this exact moment.
This thing that I think about so much, that helps me in so many ways,
is Sea Glass, and it is one of my mysteries of the universe.
Jan 30
Ingkeu-writer's picture

To My Backyard Rink

To my backyard rink 
All of those early mornings 
And late nights 
I come home after school 
And I grab my stick, skates and puck 
And go out to shoot 
You spend all of that time, getting black marks from the pucks and being whacked by the sticks 
Sliced open by my skates 
And you suffer thoroughly 
From everything I have done to you 
But I must thank you 
For all of those times you let me shoot on you 
And skate on you 
And stickhandle 
And practice crossovers 
And fall 
And you helped me get right back up again 
I must thank you 
Because you helped me 
In my journey of becoming myself. 
Jan 29
poem 9 comments challenge: General

Feminism is Work

Feminism is work.
Feminism is not just a label
That you slap on superficially
Because of course you believe in gender equality.
Feminism is a mindset.
Feminism is a practice.
Feminism is a way of thinking,
A way of being,
A way of living by feminist principles.
Jan 28
Fiona Ella's picture

A Brief Pondering on Orthodontists (Emphasis on Brief)

How can you smile
and gossip with each other
while looking down at me, 
my lips stretched out of proportion
by one of your dread devices
and my eyes pleading with you to get this over with? 
What kind of other species are you
that you can chatter 
while below you, 
your prey waits, 
teeth encased in wire cages
you have placed there yourself? 
Jan 27
Zeke_the_Zebra123's picture

Dearest Bully

Dearest Bully, 
Jan 26
poem 2 comments challenge: It
Danielle Jade Gordon's picture

Hard Truths of Growing

It changed everything.

And how could it not;

When it affects everyone and anyone.

When your likes and dislikes and sorta likes,

Change to your dislikes and sorta likes and likes.

And when you can’t even remember the last time you talked.

Or what you used to talk about.

It changed everything.

And how could it not?

When something that used to be simple,

And used to happen organically,

Becomes robotic, and scary, and hard.

When weekly sleepovers, and daily checkins,

Turn to monthly sleepovers, and weekly checkins,

Till all together it stops.

Because, people grow apart,

And people discover new things,

And interests change, and sometimes,

Thats enough.To change everything.