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Nov 08

A Tribute to Teachers

There are teachers who assign what seems like hours of homework every night, and those who never assign any. There are teachers who come in with a cup of triple-shot coffee every single morning, and those who are bright and energetic - perhaps too much. There are teachers who couldn't control a rowdy class if their lives depended on it, and those who can say a single syllable and command the attention of everyone in the room.
Nov 04

The Scivelous Rump

    Wittlers, Ruler-Benders, My Toeish Friends, I gather you here on this fraglescrup of a day to discuss a very pressing issue in our community: The Scivelous Rump!! Now, many of you have been aware of the recent Birder Winkle Eye Watch, which wilks with its woes to keep our community goody. Alas! It be not enough scramblin to keep our thrab, pee-wee chillins in safe! Thus! You do hear my gigifrumpous voice a-calling all my toeish friends! We thare must be huphulumping and scramin all together now, for that’s how we’ll manage to calm The Scivelous Rump!

    Not only will we calm The Scivelous Rump, we will cage it an let our littery light shimmer on in this humledy place! For don’t you, my toeish friends and famidibly, don’t you wish to live your goyflumping lives here with goodschnidel and not some fearsome badschnidel? I certainly do!
Audio download:
The Scivelous Rump.m4a
Nov 04
jessie.daigle's picture

An Ode to Breakfast

There is no doubt in my mind,
that breakfast is the best meal of the day.
Start with some coffee, but not the grinds,
and have some waffles, I pray.

Because, obviously, waffles are the best,
so add some blueberries or chocolate chips.
Get the syrup and forget the rest,
free the liquid gold from the bottle, let it drip.

Cereal’s pretty good too, I have to say.
Cheerios and Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops.
I would eat it all the time if I may.
Seriously, cereal’s probably my favorite food group.

Don’t even get me started on French Toast.
Homemade French Toast is divine.
Almost as good as waffles- almost,
but it’s delicious anyways, so I won’t whine.

As you can see, breakfast is the best part of the day,
Nutritious and delicious, and in no way pernicious.
Breakfast is here to stay,
because, unlike lunch meat, there’s no way it’s malicious.

Nov 04
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Nov 03
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Spinners spin; arrows point. 
This hand here, that foot there. 
Bodies obey the rules; bodies live by them. 
Right hands stretch to yellow dots.

Yellow? Why yellow? 

Because the directions say so. 
What would we do without the directions? 
Nov 03
MaiaSmith's picture

Three Tomatoes

The container rattled and the flower I was handed was already starting to wilt.
My grandma’s knotted hair hadn’t been cut in ages.
She smelled like cigarettes and mud.
The hard wooden chair hurt my butt and I presented a forced smile.
Her old man hands were calloused from the chicken shed she built and the hard wooden rake she used to clean up the leaves from under the fading apple tree.
I opened the empty Greek yogurt container to find three small cherry tomatoes that she had and grown and handpicked just for me.
The thought was nice, I like tomatoes, but I was confused as to why she had chosen this as my gift.
Saying “thank you” was painful.
The words clawed their way up and my lips were pushed open.
This is ridiculous I thought to myself.
Three weak tomatoes in an empty Cabot Greek yogurt container and a wilting flower. 
Nov 02
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Dear Bully,

Dear Bully,

     Do you remember the pain you caused me? Do you even remember how your words cut through me like knives? No, because even if a pool of blood, from your knife like words, was sitting at your feet you would not notice. You would go on laughing as if nothing had happened. You would smile at me as I was crumbling in front of you, begging for time to heal, but you would just kept smiling and causing pain.
     You probably don’t even remember half of the things you said to me, but I do. I remember all the words that tore jagged wounds in my delicate heart. I remember. I am forced to remember every time someone says your name, or I look at the scars on my heart. You hurt me, over and over again, but that is just who you will always be.
Nov 02
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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Our scars tell a story,
They tell of how we rose
after being struck down,
Of how we were stronger
After surfacing from the darkness.
They paint a picture of our struggles
And how when this angry world lashes out
We take the blows.
No matter the pain it causes
Or the marks that show.
They paint of our pain
And our anger,
They paint of the ugliness
of this world we live in.
They paint all of these terrible things,
But they also paint of hope,
They paint of strength,
And love
And sacrifice.
These scars tell our story.
They tell of everything we have gone through,
And how we have risen above
And taken our scars,
For they paint our story
And no one should every erase history.

Nov 02

On the History of the Nihil Sedensus Paratus

"In Omnia Paratus!" (pause for emphasis) These, my dear students, were the words that Captain Felt McCircus spoke as he stepped off the boat to Lewisjohnshire, a small island just off the coast of Antarctica. It is Latin for "Ready for anything!". 

In this course, you will study the amazing Nihil Sedensus Paratus or (pause for suspense) the Hunchbacked Zebra. Nihil means zebra, sedensus means sitting down, and paratus means anything. So, the sitting anything zebra.

Nihil Sedensus was discovered in 1869 by Captain Felt McCircus. Captain Felt set off on his journey from the dutchy of Quaffydentia in 1867. If you do not know what I am talking about, that is fine. Quaffydentia was a small dutchy off the coast of Taiwan. The dutchy was destroyed by fairies in 1868.
Nov 01
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memories of here

I can remember hours of sitting on the stairs, staring onto the lake while sitting there. We all used to go there years ago, and laugh an talk about whatever we felt like. I used to come down there to the lake and swim in the dark water, as large fish would swim around my ankles. Seaweed brushed the surface of the water, and the sun would relflect off the horizon. I remeber going there through different stages of my life. When I was little, and I would play in the forest, and laugh and screech when my dad would play hide-and-seek with me. When I made friends, and we would come there and talk about everything going on in school, and our parents would call us, asking us to come home for dinner. When I was older, and we would have parties, and I would sneak down there to escape the noise and the crowds. It's still beautiful, and I love it just as much as I used to.