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Sep 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait


your eyes could pierce me from a mile away
a seafoam blue, with a touch of grey
our meeting spot was on the dock by the bay
oh, if only you were real

your hair was as soft as honey and dew
if would part to the side as the wind blew
I didn't love each you back, which you obviously knew
oh, if only you were real

you wore ripped tees and light washed jeans
wire rimmed glasses, cracked phone screens
we only met each other when we were thirteen
oh, if only you were real

your laugh was contagious, so playful and light
you and I were just friends, no dating insight
but you had asked me out that night
oh, I'm so glad that isn't real

you and I, we don't really talk anymore
I try not to think of you knocking on my door
but I still have your note hidden in my drawer
sometimes I wish you were real

Aug 31
lil_ricky2001's picture

My Time

I gave you my time
While I was trying to shine
You just kept feeding me bullshit lines
Talking about how much you loved me
What a cute family we could be
How you feeling now that I know? 
Now that your dishonesty shows? 

Aug 29

when i finally mean something

i feel like i belong inside my notebook,
i feel like its the only place that holds me 
instead of hostage.
i feel the black inked letters gently caress me 
and lull me to sleep.
and there is a moment,
right before my
mind goes blank,
that i feel like i have a place where
i belong,
where i can lead my own rebellion against
my mind.
Aug 28

Starry Eyes

Our candles burn
like a million flickering stars,
awaiting the return of darkness

And we just sit
and wait in the shadows,
as if we can never be heard

As our eyes light up
like sparklers on a summer night,
dancing to the sound of the moon.

Aug 28

carrie and louise, louise and carrie

there are two of them. louise and carrie.
i made them because there are certain things i cannot do.
like rocking an e.t. shirt from the 80s. 

i like to imagine louise as lighthearted and innocent.
she reminds me of lavender.
she is radiant and she always does her very best.
everyone loves her.

carrie, on the other hand, is more of a winter person.
she is the type who enjoys the way the cold air hits your skin,
before taking all of the feeling in your face
and dragging it down to the cold cement 
which leaves you with a rough, recently-slapped look about you.

carrie would try to cast spells.
so would louise.

casting spells is probably the only thing they have in common,
but even then they are completely opposite.

louise would cast a spell to make her flowers grow,
and for her friends to be happier.
Aug 27
wondering about rain's picture

In the right mind

When the wind blows I imagine the world
is speaking to me, guiding me into a secret place,
a place only my heart will see.
I used to see ghosts
that came out of the floor boards
and talk to strage fairies that lived in flower condos.
Late at night I would stare at the moon
and sing a siren song of lament
about a life not known to human kind.
Planets circled my head
in a world of day dreams.
Trees leaned in to listen
to my plights and the shadows under my dresser
held mischief and strange demons with
glowing red eyes.
The lapping of waves on the shore
was the lake saying hello and how was your day?
In the bed of the old truck was a polite ghost
who enjoyed our car ride chats.
Elephants on a wall tapestry danced
before my eyes in the dark and came to life 
in my dreams, only to be still come the morning
but every so often shift
like we shared a secret.
Aug 27

Ferris Wheel

Aug 27
sophie.d's picture

Golden Hills

An olive laced wind dances
Across red shingled roofs
The sun aloof
In this tepid sort of evening.

Salt dots the air
Nearby evening prayer
Slips down golden hills
And settles in the vineyards.

Blue and white and ancient shimmer
Flutter from flag poles
Foggy in the glittery haze
The end of the day glaze.

The birds raise their voices
In honor of the falling sun
And so forth a friendship spun
A song of life and nature. 

Peace lies and the land sighs
In the infancy of a tranquil evening
Nestled by the sea. 
Aug 27
Kittykatruff's picture

A Sweet Betrayal

When cuckoos laugh and somersault 
Perhaps I'll love again.
However it takes more than birds
To get a heart to mend.

Retreating footsteps have, since then,
Still echoed in my mind;
The irony of what you did
Still hides, haunts, and reminds.

When flowers grow after they die
And bloom in winter snow,
Perhaps my ears will cease to block
The words which later hurt me so.

Propelling anger as a tool, you
Drove me against myself;
I was too scared to trust what I knew,
While ne'er guessing you were something else.

The day you said goodbye, you left
That terrible a note, a shattered heart
Cut into pieces by your words which
First took my trust as the hors d'oeuvre.

Next, you stole my mind, my thoughts,
And stirred them in your cauldron 'till
They bubbled, and muddled, and became clear,
Then you had no arguments to fear.
Aug 23


Nobody tells you that you are dead
You have to assume that where you are doesn't look like Earth
It looks similar, though
Some figures and shapes could resemble Earth-like entities
But your sensations are blurry, so nothing seems as it actually is
Your stomach turns inside out and upside down
As if you were on a rollercoaster
With no handlebars, seatbelts, or shoulder straps
You want to scream, but the only thing you can do is hope you will be okay
You want to walk, but you've been gone from your body for a long time now
So that sinking feeling in your stomach is nothing other than 
The rapid sensation of throbbing you can't ignore
You adopt an overwhelming sensation of ecstasy and confusion
You know that you aren't being hurt
Yet you don't know who, or what is around you
All you can do is hope that whatever happens to you
Is that you are dead, and whatever is happening isn't happening on Earth