Mar 19
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In the morning

It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong, I was playing baseball with my friends at a field down the road, it felt so real, I didn’t know if it was or not. Everything was perfect, it was summer, I could do whatever I wanted, and I was hanging with my friends. Right after I heard the crack of a bat, I was shaken awake by my mother, it was 7:45 and she had forgotten to wake me up. It was a rainy morning, my sister was sick and coughing in the room next to me, and my brother was still sound asleep. I groggily stepped out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs. I grabbed a banana and got in the car waiting for my mother to drive me to school.

 I got to school around 8:20 and went to my first class, not to mention I had put my pants on backwards and forgotten my iPad. So I went to grab a chromebook but I slipped on the wet floor and, instead of grabbing a chromebook from the cart, I crashed into it. The whole class watched, laughing, as I pushed the cart off of me and stood up, I almost slipped again, but this time I caught myself. I picked up the potentially broken computers of the wet floor. I went back to my seat with a chromebook, and, well, it didn’t power on.
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