Just a Dream

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When you fall asleep

and youre counting sheep

you dream a beautiful dream

where everything in the world is as they seem.


get lost in the world

thats never been shown.

that world that can be described

by one word, dream.

the dream that you can only see

that you wish you could believe, was real

but can only know

it was just a dream.


waking up from that place

where your mind escapes

your in a dream that seems so real

and everything you touch, you can feel.

is that where youre meant to be

in that special place that you can only see?

that you wish you could believe was real

but can only know

it was just a dream.


when the nightmares come the world starts to roar

as the waves crash along the shore

the water getting past you head

not being able to swim, you know youre dead.

hearing that last roar of thunder

and taking your last breath before going under

you wake up sweating in your bed

thinking of words that cant be said

but you only know

that it was just a dream


Dreams do so many things

giving us nightmares

a life you want

a life that feels so real

but when you wake up

you know

it was just a dream.


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I really like this :I

I really like this :I

Life is momentum. Life is stories. Let’s keep our stories going. -

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i love this!

this is a really good poem! it's funny, though, because really recently i wrote something a lot like this but it's called it's just a dream, and it's about a nightmare. but whatever i really like this.


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Hahaha I know its funny how

Hahaha I know its funny how we both did that. After I posted mine I saw yours come up a few minutes after and I thought haha we are both thinking about dreams today and have the same title :) haha