Night vs. Day

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Night comes,

darkness slinks in,

cowering from the sun.

Shadows hide behind people,

as they walk through the oncoming mist.

Moving to fit into every space unreached by light,

the blackness slowly prevails.

The sun pushed back,

night claims more and more time.

The last rays of light,

creeping away...


The world engulfed by an impenetrable black,

the night victorious,

for now.

Creatures of the dark

move out from hiding,

to rejoice under the moon.

The night moves on,

the sun’s strength is back,

ready to fight.

Morning sun peeking over the lush green hills,

seeking shadows open to annihilation.

The light piercing the utter black,

forcing it to back away.

The mist evaporates,

the few remaining shadows gathering,

protected by the trees.

The sun has won once again,

the bluebird raising it’s head in song,

to praise the new day.