Vermont Seasons

On a Vermont summer day,
the heat warms every surface.
On a Vermont winter day,
the cold freezes every inch.

Summer’s sunlight
illuminates, radiating a gentle warmth.
Winter’s clouds
bring darkness, condensing into a bitter chill.

In the early morning glow,
I rise early to catch the blissfulness of a beautiful morning.
In the early morning freeze,
I hide under my covers to avoid the frigid day.

In the afternoon haze,
I allow the setting sun to penetrate my skin, turning it darker and my hair lighter.
In the afternoon stillness,
the cold dries my fingers and stiffens my body.

On the warm summer night,
I gather around the campfire, creating summer memories I will not forget.
On the wintery night,
holiday lights create a feeling of bliss, joy, and thankfulness that will always affect me.

During the fleeting moments of summer,
I feel at ease, peaceful.
During the ephemeral moments of winter,
I feel thankful, blessed.

On a Vermont summer day,
the sun’s rays bounce, dance, splash, cascade over the land, beautifully.
On a Vermont winter day,
ice glitters, sparkles on the limbs of every tree and the tips of every surface, magically.