The Gray Area

Life is not just black and white.

There are different shades of gray

And the area is found between two extremes

Which complicates everything.


It would be so easy to believe in one thing or another.

No thinking, no wondering, just living a certain way.

Dreams would be no more, just reality.

Life would be so easy.


Living in the gray area

One needs to realize that there is not

Always a right and wrong.

Life is not an open road, but a winding, misty, wooded path.


The gray area causes us to travel through life uncharted

Sometimes it causes us to stumble and fall;

Other times beautiful discoveries are made.

The gray area isn’t gray at all, it’s what gives life its color.




You use some reallly good

You use some reallly good images I think it brings the poem to life!! Good job!