The Cardboard Box

I was walking home from school one bright, sunny Tuesday afternoon in April. I’d had a perfectly normal day at school, and was expecting to have a perfectly normal afternoon as well (but I can assure you, my afternoon was not perfectly normal at all!). When I got home there was a HUGE box on my porch, and I mean HUGE! Seriously, that thing could fit a whole castle in it, and I’m not joking! So I walked up to the porch and realized that this might actually be a castle because I had thought it was on the porch, but it was really 100 times bigger than the porch. It was covering the porch. I was very, very surprised to find that the package was addressed to me. I followed the directions on the box (cut here; fold here). It was a castle! With all the cutting and folding I had cut and folded the cardboard into a castle with actual cardboard rooms and cardboard servants and cooks and maids. Even cardboard beds, quilts, blankets, and food! I pushed my cardboard castle (which was light because it was made out of cardboard!) behind a tree and covered it in leaves and sticks to blend in. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing in my castle until Mom came home from work. I asked my mom if I could sleep out side that night and she said sure. She started walking to the attic to get a tent, but I stopped her and said “I don’t think I’ll be needing a tent tonight, Mom.” She looked puzzled but she didn’t question me. All she said was, “If you’re sure.” I ate dinner with Mom, kissed her goodnight, then ran outside, ran through the cardboard door, under the cardboard quilts, and into my cardboard bed, dreaming happy dreams about my cardboard castle.