Floating Karma

Letting the waves push you onto the shore,
the sand,
sticking to your skin,
the view,
of the beautiful setting sun.
a time of darkness,
when something unexpected
creeps upon you.
In this a case,
a bottle.
A clear,
floating bottle.
A cork,
wedged in the top.
Curious me,
silly me,
I open it.
A slip of paper is folded inside,
and writing is upon it.
“Help,” the letter reads.
“Help me!
I’m alone,
I was abandoned.
Stuck on an island,
with nothing.
give me the time of day.
Let me live,
with help.”
I stare,
following the lines the voice in my head is reading.
“Yeah right.” I say to myself.
Sounds familiar.
Like the boy who cried wolf,
only to have karma catch up to him.
The same,
about to happen to me.
I look up,
only to see the boat
sailing away.
Oh why,
oh why,
did I open it?