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It was one afternoon in the summer
I’d been bored for the entire day
I needed a book I could sit down and read
Or maybe a game I could play

I wandered outside absentmindedly
Just trying to pass the time by
It was then that I figured out something to do-
because something quite large caught my eye

I wandered on over for a better look
The thing was as tall as my leg
And purple, and spotted with intricate dots-
It looked like it could be an egg.

I reached down without really thinking
And with both hands I tried to lift it
Now, I’m pretty strong to be honest
But the egg didn’t wobble one bit.

What was this egg? Was it an egg at all?
I really did not have a clue
but I checked on the giant egg day after day
after all, it was something to do.

For a whole month I checked on that orb every day
Admiring it- so intact
At least, I should say, until one sunny day
When I found that the egg shell was cracked

I watched in amazement as more cracks appeared
And a splintering sound filled the air
One side of my brain said ‘come on, man! Let’s run!’
But the other half just didn’t care.

The eggshell fell down and a light filled the air
So bright that I covered my eyes
By the time I uncovered them all I could see
Was a winged silhouette in the skies.