Where's My Sun?


Where’s My Sun?

Everyday I wake up the same, the same boring way. Alarm goes off, lean over hit snooze, lay there for five minutes more. Alarm goes off again I get up, open the shades. Turn on my light, open my closet, and the day begins. Except for today. In the most unexpected way, today is different, much different. Not in the sense that I woke up late, or my closest is bare, but when I opened my shades, nothing was there. Not the Sun peeking up over the mountains I look at from a distance, not even the moon or stars high in the sky. Just dark, all black. This was unusual but not completely unheard of, right? I ask myself, as I sit back on my bed. But it was not a weekday it was Saturday. My alarm was set because I had a hair appointment. So right now, it its 9:00 am. Now that is weird.

Never before have I woken up to this. I have woken up to weird things, like my sister tap dancing, my mom singing, and my cat hissing at the TV but never have I woken up to no Sun. I ran into my moms room and woke her up. Startled she sat up quickly, “What’s Wrong?!?!” I explained to her how there was no sun. First she canceled our hair appointments, then we got on the only place we thought people would know something, Facebook. Everyone was talking about it. All people could talk about was that obviously our world was coming to an end. That was the most realistic possibility but I didn't’t believe it. In a frenzy I called NASA. They told me about how they were sending an emergency ship to space to see if they could see anything. They had been getting calls all day. They asked me to spread the word so they could focus more on the issue at hand.

I waited around until 7:00 pm. The Sun had not come out once that day. I got a call soon after 7:00 pm. It was NASA calling me back. It was an informational call about how the Sun was being blocked by some new random planet. That it was no serious issue unless the planet didn't’t move. If the planet didn't’t move, we would either have to blow it up which was a long shot, or our planet would start to freeze the longer that we didn't’t have sunlight. I stayed up that night as long as I could but I ended up falling asleep somewhere close to midnight. Unsure as to if I would wake up the next morning with sunlight or not, I did my best to not think about it.

Waking up the next morning, I slowly opened my shades, hoping I would see the Sun. There is was, the Sun. The planet had moved, but not revealing the sun completely, it would be a few days till it was out of the Sun’s path altogether. However, even the part of the Sun I saw that day was something I had missed on that crazy Saturday more than anything. It’s true that we take things for granted, the Sun being one of them. It became a later rumor that on the planet that blocked the Sun, there were signs of life. That would become one of NASA’s bigger researches in the years coming. But I am just glad to have the Sun back.

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Haha! I really enjoyed

Haha! I really enjoyed reading this. Shed a lot of light on humankind's unappreciative character.


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