Shakes, Quakes and Cracks All Over

As I go to the door,
I see something on the floor.
I pick it up
And bring it inside.
I wait a few days,
But it just stays the same.
I wonder what this means,
Why is it purple,
And why is it here?

On the Sunday,
In the middle of April,
This strange, purple egg
Begins to shake,
And crack all over.
Something is coming out,
But what could it be?

It cracks,
And begins to open.
The contents will be known,
This thing will be here.

As it begins to open,
I peek inside.
But, to my surprise,
It isnt a bird,
Or an animal,
But it is a note.

How could a note,
And quake,
And be born?
It was meant to be read,
And I will read it.

As I unroll the note,
I see the quote.
A letter written to bring joy,
And happiness.
I read it outloud,
It say,
"Happy Easter."