Fairy Tale


It was one o’clock as I put on my coat, boots, and hat to go outside. I needed the fresh air and sweet chill of winter to wake me up because I had been sitting in the house all day with nothing to do. I was bored and needed something to clear my mind. Once outside I cut across a field and went down a hill to a brook that flowed between the trees in the small patch of forest behind my house. The water bubbled up over the rocks in the stream and I started to throw pebbles into it only to watch them sink with a plop. All of a sudden, a shiny object caught my eye beneath the clear water. It seemed to be only a purple rock but as I looked closer I saw that it was a bright, purple egg. I stuck my hand in, pulled it out, and went back up to my house, trying to imagine what could be inside.

I put the egg on my living room table and watched it carefully everyday. I also prayed that whatever was inside the egg wasn’t poisonous or evil. My imagination took control of my mind as I pictured a dragon, magnificent bird, or another mythical creature breaking out of it. After a couple of days, I thought that nothing was going to happen and that the creature inside must have died. I was about to throw the egg away and give up waiting when I heard a crackling noise. I peered closer to the egg and saw a minute crack on one side which soon turned into a hole. What looked at me through that hole made me scream in shock. Two purple eyes stared back at me with wonder. As the creature then climbed out of it’s shell with it’s human-looking arms and legs, I saw that it was no bigger than a softball, had bright blue skin, and two soft violet wings attached to it’s back. I couldn’t believe what I had discovered; I had actually found a fairy!

I stood in a stupor as the fairy flew, off-balanced, up to my face. I had no idea about what to do so I just stared straight ahead. The fairy then started to hum a sweet, quiet melody. To my surprise, each note I heard turned into a word that I could see in my mind. I couldn’t believe that I was actually communicating with a fairy! Nevertheless, she told me that her name was Jolie and that she had been hibernating inside the egg but had somehow gotten lost and needed to be reunited with her family. I instantly felt guilty for having taken the egg inside of my home and I promised Jolie that I would bring her back to where I had found her, and she understood me. I stepped outside and Jolie followed me down to the brook. Once there, she looked at the woods and water and told the me that this is where she belonged. I was glad that I had brought her back to her home but I was also sad to leave since I felt like I would never see her again. Seeing my sadness as I trudged back to my house, Jolie went to the stream and plucked a purple stone from the water. She placed the stone in my palm and told me that we would be friends forever because I had helped her. With our goodbyes sung and spoken, I walked back to my house with happiness and a clear mind, looking back on the past days as exciting and magical.