The Chicken Coop


The Chicken Coop

By David   Amouretti    


I Open the Coop’s

Squeaky door

I pass the Rooster

Sleeping in a feathery


He opens one eye,

Then closes it

Deciding that I’m not

A threat…

At the laying area

I reach in

The tiny room

With the mother hens,

White, brown,

Spotted …

Sleeping on the side…

Waiting for a peck

But nothing happens

I count

1...2…3…4 …

4 eggs

My trembling hands

Gently pick them


They feel cold,

Chilling my fingers

In the already

Freezing winter

Careful not to

Drop them,

I walk inside…

Ready for omelets!

Dylan Miles's picture

Oh the suspense! My parents

Oh the suspense! My parents always used to make me go grab the eggs from our coop too and the rooster would always make it interesting. The short lines remind me of the atmosphere of being in the coop, even though its been some forteen years since we had chickens. Good Job and thanks for bringing back the memory!

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