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I have something urgent to tell you

And there isn't a doubt that I should

But my phone- well, I dropped it- it's broken in two.

Believe me, I'd call if I could.


The message I have is important

And by saying that there's no mistake

It needs to get straight to you, ASAP

I won't lie- the world is at stake!


Without my cell phone I am nothing.

I feel like a part of me's died.

I'm locked in a cell without anyone else

or any links to the outside.


I sent the phone in- it has warranty

I pray that it will be back soon

'cause I don't think I have energy to stand

and walk to you across the room.

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Awesome. I love the ending.

Awesome. I love the ending.

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Thanks! The joke here was

Thanks! The joke here was partially taken from a Zits strip!!