My Special Place


My Special Place


In my twelve glorious years on our planet earth I have been to many special places that have touched my heart and will stay in my heart as long as I live. But there is one place that is very special to me. All my life my father has been a teacher at Thetford Academy, this is his 19th year teaching at the school. As I have grown up, I have gotten to know TA (Thetford Academy) better. TA has a stunning campus with beautiful buildings that I love to look at. This is why Thetford Academy is my special place.

Since my father is a teacher at Thetford Academy, I have had to spend some time there during the summer while my father works or attends meetings. These times have not always been the most interesting times of the summer. In fact, it is often boring. But I realize that these times have gotten me excited to attend school at Thetford Academy. Looking around at the beautiful fields and the hills that are pretty no matter what the season, I realize this is one of the most beautiful schools I have ever seen. This summer, I was preparing to go to school at TA for the first time. By the time mid-August  was here I was bored and was anxious to go back to school. This never happened to me at my old school! I just knew Thetford Academy would be the right place for me… and it is!

Another thing that makes Thetford Academy my special place are its sporting events. I think one reason I am a good athlete is because I watched high school sports when I was still learning how to play soccer, baseball, or basketball. When I was in second grade I wanted to play sports at TA because when I saw high school age kids doing impressive athletic feats I knew that was something I wanted to do. Thetford Academy sports are also entertaining. The energy that the fans emanate is truly unique. Also, the TA sporting grounds are extremely picturesque. Thetford Academy has really increased my love of sports.

Now, do you understand why Thetford Academy is so dear to me? It is a place bursting with energy. It is a place I will always remember. TA’s beautiful campus is amazing no matter what the season. Many children going to Thetford Elementary School are already excited about going to TA. When their older friends tell them about it, they can’t wait! Thetford Academy is a great place to go to school.




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